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Best UK Winter Products for Your Car

Best UK Winter Products for Your Car

4 Must-Have Winter Products for Your Car

Winter is here, and the holiday is in full swing. But while you’re spending time with your loved ones, it’s also important to remember someone who has been with you all year round — your car. 

Winter car care is key to protecting your car from ice, snow, sludge and rapidly plummeting temperatures. Without this protection, the winter season in the UK can wreak havoc on your vehicle. 

Cold temperatures can cause tires, rubber seals and certain engine components to become stiff and dry. Ice clouds can affect your windscreen’s integrity. And road salt can damage your vehicle’s paint. 

That’s why we’re writing this car care guide for the winter season. Here, we’ll discuss the must-have UK winter products to protect your vehicle. 

De-Icing Salt

Imagine this scenario. You’re rushing out for an appointment. But you can’t drive out because your car tyres are entrenched six inches deep in ice from the snow. You can’t even open the doors because it’s iced shut.

This is why you need de-icing salt as part of your winter car care toolkit. De-icing salts deliver quick ice melting mechanisms for your driveway, around your car tires and doors. The snow around these areas will melt within a few minutes after applying de-icing salts. 

You may wonder how de-icing salts works to melt snow and ice. After all, how can a compound at room temperature melt ice?

De-icing salts work by lowering water’s freezing point. It sets the freezing point below 0°C in a process called freezing point depression. De-icing salts have unique molecules that penetrate water and snow molecules, preventing them from turning into ice crystals. 

This process works better if the icy or snowy surface has water for a chemical reaction. Therefore, in addition to de-icing salts, you’ll need to pour water over the target surface. 

Screen Wash

Screen wash is a must-have UK winter product for cleaning your car’s windscreen. 

Screen wash fluid comprises water, antifreeze compounds and additional ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Glycol and Ethylene Glycol. It’s a lot of science mumbo-jumbo. 

But at its core, screen wash lets you drive without an obstructed view — no matter how foggy or icy the temperatures get. The presence of antifreeze in the screen wash means it won’t freeze or frost over your windscreen. Regardless of how cold the winter season gets, it won’t leave a frost cast and will leave your windscreen sparkling clean. 

Prevents Sun Dazzle

Sun dazzle occurs when the sun shines directly on snow particles on your windscreen. It can reduce driving visibility, even where there is no grime or dirt on your windscreen. Simply squirt the screen wash fluid on the windscreen and activate your vehicle wipers. You should be good to go.

Legal Requirement

Snow, grime and dirt buildup during winter can obscure your view while driving. This is dangerous and can lead to accidents. 

But you can also get a ticket for driving dangerously due to your obscured windscreen. A good screen wash product will prevent driving tickets in the UK and save you money.

Protects the Rest of Your Car

You don’t have to worry about damage to your car’s paint and other components near the windscreen due to your screen wash. The best UK screen wash products are specially formulated for safe use in and around vehicles. 

Sudden Accidents

Perhaps you’ve carefully washed your vehicle before hitting the road this winter season. However, you can never be too careful. 

A driver going too fast can splash snow and ice on your windscreen. Kids playing with snowballs may mistakenly hurl snow on your windscreen. Even a swarm of insects may smash onto your windscreen. 

In each scenario, a squirt of screen wash fluid and a few quick wipes with your vehicle’s wipers will remove the mess. 


Also known as engine coolant, antifreeze comprises Ethylene or Propylene Glycol. It may also have additives like Silicates, Azoles, Nitrates and Borates. 

These chemicals are designed to regulate your car’s engine during extremely hot or cold temperatures. This unique function makes antifreeze a must-have car care product for winter in the UK. 

Your vehicle will require a 50-50 mixture of water and antifreeze. That’s why some antifreeze products come premixed with water. Therefore, you want to check the label to know whether or not there’s a need to add water to your antifreeze product.

With temperatures hitting near zero this winter season, antifreeze is doubly essential. Your car’s engine block will pump this liquid throughout your engine to maintain normal operating temperatures.


Antifreeze is an important car care product for winter thanks to its lubricating properties. Its presence in the engine reduces friction and enables various components — like the car’s water pump — to work smoothly.

Antifreeze is also a lubricant in your engine that ensures various parts, like the water pump, move smoothly. In doing so, it reduces friction, which can cause damage to your engine. 

Fuel Economy

Antifreeze lubricates all engine components during the winter season. Reduced friction reduces how much work your car’s engine does to keep the vehicle moving. Consequently, you’ll burn less fuel than normal during every trip.

Engine Protection

The best antifreeze products include a huge concentration of quality inhibitors. These inhibitors will protect your vehicle against extremely low temperatures, road salt buildup and corrosion.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating ends the list of our recommended UK winter care products for your car thanks to its protective qualities. It’s a chemical solution you can apply to the body of your car. 

You can apply ceramic coating by yourself, with your hands. After application, ceramic coating blends with your car’s paint to create a protective, hydrophobic layer. 

This protective layer will repel snow, ice, road grime and salt — all of which can damage your car’s paint job if left unchecked. Plus, ceramic coating has unique intrinsic properties which prevent it from breaking down in freezing weather. 

Ceramic car coating delivers the following benefits:

  • It protects your car’s paint job from harmful UV rays.
  • This product protects against chemical stains and acidic contaminants from road salt in the winter season.
  • It doesn’t peel off, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the ceramic coating while washing your car.
  • Ceramic coating adds depth and gloss to your car’s paint job. A simple wash is all it takes to keep your car shining all winter season.

Take Good Care of Your Car This Winter Season

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