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De-Icing Salt

  • White De-Icing Salt - Pure Clean Salt 25 KG Bag - JENNYCHEM

    White De-Icing Salt - Pure Clean Salt

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    Clean white de-icing salt. No mess when used on pathways and driveways. Pure salt with anti-caking properties, spread manually or with a mechanical spreader. Please Note: Packaging Artwork May Vary 

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  • Icemelt Super Therm - Fast Action Melting Compound 5KG Bucket - JENNYCHEM

    Icemelt Super Therm - Fast Action Melting Compound

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    Brace yourself for the winter season with Jennychem Ice Melt Super Therm, the advanced solution designed to tackle ice with unprecedented efficiency and environmental friendliness. Unlike conventional rock salt, our Ice Melt Super Therm is specially formulated for rapid ice penetration on a variety of surfaces, including icy steps, sloping paths, and uneven terrain.

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    30 Times Faster Than Rock Salt

    Safe On All Surfaces*

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  • Brown De-Icing Salt & Grit - Regular Brown 25KG Bag - JENNYCHEM

    Brown De-Icing Salt & Grit - Regular Brown

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    Brown rock salt is exceptionally versatile and ideal for melting snow on roads, car parks and pathways. And can be spread manually or using a mechanical spreader. Brown Rock Salt: Conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt. Traditionally known as ‘road grit’. Raw, indigenous product mined in the UK & Ireland. Typically 5-8% naturally occurring grit particles (insoluble). Treated with an anti-caking agent Please Note: Bag Artwork May Vary

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De-Icing Salt FAQ's

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Keep Your Property Safe With the Most Effective, Eco-Friendly De-Icing Salt in the UK!

The need for reliable de-icing solutions becomes paramount each winter as temperatures plummet and frost begins to coat the ground. While winter's charm is undeniable, the perils of untreated ice are all too real. Slip-and-fall accidents, hindered mobility, potential vehicle skids - the risks are many.

Slippery paths and icy driveways aren't just inconveniences - they're hazards that can lead to severe accidents. It’s not just about protecting yourself and your loved ones, neighbors, or customers from injury. It’s about safeguarding against lawsuits.

Here at Jennychem, we believe that no one should have to compromise safety, especially when nature takes its coldest turns. 

Ensuring the safety of those on your property is a top priority whether you're a homeowner, business proprietor, or community leader. With our range of premium de-icing salts, that assurance is just a sprinkle away.

Why Buy De-Icing Grit at Jennychem?

We’ve seen firsthand the challenges a UK winter can bring over the past 25 years and counting. That knowledge has been funnelled into creating products that don't just work but excel.

From homes to businesses, pathways to vast car parks, our diverse collection caters to all. The White De-Icing Salt offers the purity and efficiency of marine salt sourced from the Mediterranean, making it an excellent choice for areas where cleanliness and swift action are paramount. 

Then there's the Icemelt Super Therm, a revolutionary formula for those trickier terrains, ensuring even steps and uneven surfaces are ice-free. It melts up to eight times faster than regular rock salt and is more environmentally friendly. 

And for those looking for a sturdy, traditional solution, our Brown De-Icing Grit and Salt is a tried-and-tested favourite among many of our loyal customers.

In a world growing ever-conscious of environmental impacts, we prioritize sourcing and producing products that not only deliver results but are also kinder to our planet.

We also ensure you’re remaining compliant with the British Standard for de-icing solutions. Products like our White and Brown De-Icing Salt comply with BS3247:2011.

Not sure which is right for you? Need help using the de-icing grit correctly? Our experts are just a click or call away eager to assist you. Customer support is at the forefront of what we do, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Don’t Risk Accidents Any Longer, Enjoy Peace of Mind With our De-Icing Salt Today!

The unpredictability of winter shouldn't mean compromise on safety. Be proactive, secure, and ready for whatever the season throws your way. We’re here to help you enjoy peace of mind once and for all.

We have other products to help you protect your property from the harsh UK winter here at Jennychem. That includes antifreeze screenwash, windscreen de icer, car antifreeze concentrate, salt spreaders, and more. You can also stock up on our most popular products like snow foam, interior car cleaner, car shampoo, ad blue for sale, and a whole lot more.

So, as the temperature drops, raise your winter safety standards. You're investing in safety with Jennychem's trusted de-icing solutions. Explore our collection now and step confidently into winter!