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Why Choose Jennychem for Your Antifreeze

If you’re looking for a reliable antifreeze for your vehicle’s cooling system, you are at the right place. We at Jennychem offer two different types of car antifreeze ready to use products that protect against corrosion attacks. It also helps your car to preserve non-ferrous pure metal components. 

Jennychem is a family-owned business that has been serving the chemical industry for over 25 years. The car antifreeze solutions that the company offers are manufactured through rigorous and extensive testing. Jennychem aims to provide the highest quality products with exceptional customer care experience. Our long and robust experience has enabled us to build an enviable reputation, and the trust that our respected customers put in our antifreeze solutions is our pride.

Chemistry and Use of Antifreeze Solutions

Antifreeze, in its essence, is basically an agent that elevates the boiling temperature of a water-based liquid or lowers its freezing point. It's a blended mixture of some kind of alcohol such as ethylene glycol, glycerol methanol, and distilled water. Antifreeze is most commonly used in the internal combustion engine in vehicles. Moreover, some of the antifreeze is also used in HVAC (Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning) systems. 


Properties of Our Antifreeze Solution

Our teacher works at the intersection of innovation, creativity, determination, and professionalism. Our contemporary approach, along with cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques, allow us to manufacture the most effective antifreeze by both cost and results.

Our antifreeze solutions are fully universal, which means you can use them with diesel or petrol engines, including turbo-charged. The advanced inhibitor package of these solutions contains five lifelong percent corrosion inhibitors and 95 percent mono ethylene glycol. On top of that, the water-based antifreeze solutions provide your car with antifreeze protection for years to come.

Why Antifreeze Solutions from Jennychem are an Obvious Choice

Jennychem is not only a name. In fact, it’s a devotion and dedication towards excellence. Once you purchase an antifreeze solution from Jennychem, you’re opting for the UK's most trusted chemical supplier. Along with multiple capacity options, we also offer quick and exceptional customer care services. In case of any query, all you need to do is to contact us and that about it. Our customer care representative will guide you from start to end to provide unique and bespoke services.

In order to meet the unique needs of our respected customers, we offer our antifreeze solutions in four different quantities, which are:

  • 5 LTR
  • 25 LTR
  • 210 LTR
  • 1000 LTR
Whether you need to consult or discuss the right product that suits your needs, or you want to order in bulk, just give us a call, and all of your queries and needs will be met.