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  • Screenclean Super Concentrated 5LTR - JENNYCHEM
    from £10.50

    Screenclean Super Concentrated

    Screenclean Super Highly concentrated anti-smear screenwash that is Ideal for extreme winter weather. May be diluted for all seasons use. This supe...

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    from £10.50
  • Ready to use Screen Washer Fluid 5LTR - JENNYCHEM
    from £4.50

    Ready to use Screen Washer Fluid

    Ready to use Screen Washer Fluid for all seasons use.  Easy to use screenwash additive. Use neat in washer bottle. Effectively removes insects, tr...

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    from £4.50
  • Extreme Winter Screenclean - Super Concentrate 5LTR - JENNYCHEM
    from £5.95

    Extreme Winter Screenclean - Super Concentrate

    Extreme Winter Screenclean Extreme Winter Screenclean is a highly concentrated screenwash. Ideal for for severe winter conditions and for use in ex...

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    from £5.95

Use Screenwash to Keep Your Windscreen Clean and Gleaming

Have you ever tried to drive your vehicle through the pouring rain or through a cloud of dusty? If you have, you know just how important screenwash can be.

A screen cleaner can help you keep your car, truck, or lorry’s windscreen clean regardless of the weather conditions or the area you’re in. This solution takes care of everything from mud, dust, and dirt to heavy rains and sun dazzle. It also ensures that you can continue to drive your vehicle safely and without worry.

Despite this, most drivers don’t understand just how important the screen cleaner is to keep your car clean and safe. It’s tempting to think about saving money and choose to use water or washing up liquid instead of a proper screenwash. This, however, is a bad idea for several reasons:

Screenwash vs Water

One of the biggest advantages that screen cleaner has over water is in how it reacts to the cold. When temperatures get below freezing, water freezes into ice. 

Screen cleaner, on the other hand, contains antifreeze. This means that you don’t have to worry about it turning solid and damaging the wash reservoir or jets. If you choose to go with water and try to spray the wash without realizing that it has frozen, you will need to spend money to repair the resulting damage.

Furthermore, most screen cleaners are made of methanol and other alcohols, like ethyl glycol. These ingredients mean that, unlike water, screenwash can easily and quickly clean even the most stubborn dirt and grime that gather on your windshields.

Screen cleaner vs Washing-Up Liquid

Besides water, another common alternative that people use instead of a screen cleaner is washing-up liquid or another household cleaner. However, these products can cause lasting damage to your car, truck, or lorry.

This is because household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the paint of the vehicle and other metallic surfaces as well. Furthermore, like water, they also freeze in low temperatures. This risks damaging your vehicle further.

Finally, when used, they produce copious amounts of foam. The aim of any good screen cleaner is to remove dirt and grime so that it is easier for you to see. However, the foam that household cleaners produce contributes to lowering visibility.

Why Using Screenwash is Important

Now that you know why screenwash is the right choice over water and household cleaners, you should also understand why using screenwash is important. 

Screen cleaners help getting rid of dust and grime from your windshields. However, they also have several other advantages:

  • Reduces sun dazzle: This occurs when the sun shines on the small particles of dust on your windshield. It can reduce visibility despite there being no obvious dirt and grime on your windscreen. Screen cleaners can help reduce sun dazzle by making sure your windscreen is clean.
  • Legal requirement: If your windscreen is dirty and grimy, you will have reduced visibility. This reduced visibility can be considered a dangerous condition. This means you can be pulled over for driving dangerously if your windshield is not clean.
  • Keeps your vehicle in top condition: With screen cleaners, you don’t need to worry about damage to the paint or the internal components of your car, truck, or lorry. These products have been specifically formulated for use in vehicles, so there’s no worry about damaging your vehicle by using them.