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Ceramic Coating Products

  • DIY Jen Protect Ceramic Coating Kit  - JENNYCHEM

    DIY Jen Protect Ceramic Coating Kit

    The finest, most durable paint protection yet. JEN PROTECT Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing a year-round silky smooth, mirror-...

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  • from

    Sio2 Ceramic Spray/Topper

    Instantly add an extra layer of Si02 ceramic protection with advanced water beading capabilities to your paintwork with our Ceramic Topper.    A qu...

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  • Shine Shield Ceramic Detailer 250ML Trigger + 2 Microfibers - JENNYCHEM

    Shine Shield Ceramic Detailer

    Meet our new All-In-One SIO2 waterless cleaner with unique ceramic properties. So you can Clean, Shine & Protect your paintwork. Simply spray o...

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  • Jen Protect Ceramic Coating (Solution Only) 50ml - JENNYCHEM

    Jen Protect Ceramic Coating (Solution Only)

    The finest, most durable paint protection yet. JEN PROTECT Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing a year-round silky smooth, mirror...

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  • Jen Prep - Strong Degreasing Solution 200ml - JENNYCHEM

    Jen Prep - Strong Degreasing Solution

    Ideal for degreasing of all surfaces prior to the application of Jen Protect.


Ceramic coating products are the next level of innovation in the world of car paint protection.

As such, we at JennyChem are proud to be able to provide residents in the UK with the best ceramic coating products to keep their cars shiny and glossy!

The ceramic coating uses a nano-technology feature that allows it to affix itself on the surface of your car’s paint.

In doing so, ceramic car polish also doubles as an almost imperceptible glass-like shield for your car’s paint.

A complete coating kit will also contain a ceramic car cleaner along with the coat itself. When you pay the cost of a ceramic coating product, you can expect to enjoy a high level of durability and protection for your car.

Whether you use ceramic spray coating or car polish, you can expect up to 24 months of protection with only one application. Ceramic coating also offers your car’s paint optimum protection from scratching, contamination, UV rays and industrial fallout.

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The JennyChem Touch: Best Ceramic Coating Products

Years of research means Jenny Chem can offer you a multi-purpose ceramic car polish that offers the highest level of surface protection for your vehicle. Our ceramic polish offers semi-permanent results that will not only protect your car but also enhance the paint, adding much-needed shine and gloss to it.

Key features to expect include:

  • Durable 50ml bottle
  • Up to 24 months of protection
  • Distinct gloss finish
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent UV protection
  • 9h hardness

Our ceramic car cleaner and related products come with a fast drying time for your convenience. You can start cruising UK roads within only an hour after the last application. This offers much-needed flexibility and efficiency of use. So you see, the cost of our ceramic coating is worth it.

Furthermore, our ceramic coating kits offer one of the smoothest application processes available in the UK. You don’t need to be a trained car detailer to use our ceramic car polish for your vehicle. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the label and you’ll get fantastic results.

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Why You Should Buy JennyChem Ceramic Coating Products

For many in the UK, the question of whether or not to buy ceramic coating revolves around the cost. Here’s why millions of other car owners in the UK trust us:

Repels Dirt and Other Elements

Our ceramic coating cleaner and polish do the best job of protecting your car’s pain. It offers hydrologic features that will prevent water from pooling on the hood. Similarly, acid rain, mud, and dirt will slide off its surface without any stain. 

Protection from UV Rays and Oxidation

Leaving your vehicle out in the sun for a long time will cause the paint to crack. It also comes with an ugly fading effect.

This is thanks to the combined effect of UV rays and oxidation. Ceramic coating will act as a protective layer, repelling the damaging effects of the sun.


For more than £150, you’ll be getting car ceramic coating that will protect your vehicle for up to 24 months.

This means you get incredible savings on the cost of car waxing and detailing over that period. The cost of ceramic coating is an upfront investment that is well worth it.

Improved Durability

Our ceramic car coating offers a level of protection that is strong even at the molecular level. It’s three times stronger than regular car wax and made for harsh environments.

So, in addition to mud, rain and dirt, you’ll be protecting your car’s paint from chemicals and scratches.

Glossy Finish

Jenny Chem’s ceramic car polish delivers a sharp, candy-like appearance. It’s an attractive gloss finish that won’t fade even as time passes.

Enjoy the Best Car Ceramic Coating in the UK

Ceramic car coating is a vital part of using car detailing products. It offers you a chance of minimising the cost of car detailing significantly due to its long term effect after application.

Ceramic car coating also makes washing your car exceptionally easier. Your use of car shampoo and snow foam will reduce as the glossy exterior of the ceramic coating makes dirt and grime slide off easily.

Car ceramic coating minimises the need for the use of traffic film removers frequently. You can travel long distances and require a simple washcloth to clean the surface of your car as snow, pollen, and bugs wipe off easily.

Our ceramic coating products are effective on large vehicles like caravans. When you pair them with caravan cleaning products, the paintwork of your car body can rival the shiny glare of your windshields after a screen wash session.

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While car ceramic coating is important, don’t neglect the car interior cleaning aspect of vehicle maintenance. You have to endeavour that the internal parts of your car mimic the sparkling surface of your car’s exterior.

Ceramic Coating: Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we provide answers to common question about using ceramic coating on your vehicle:

How to Apply Ceramic Coating

To use ceramic coating products on your car, you’ll need the following:

  • Protective gloves 
  • Microfiber cloths 
  • Applicator pad (preferably microfibre) 

Start by washing and drying the surface. You can also use paint correction to ensure the surface is fully decontaminated and without proper dents.

Wipe over the surface with a ceramic car cleaner or panel wipe. This will allow for the best possible adhesion. Apply the ceramic coating to the surface of your car with the aid of the microfiber pad. Do this on a panel by panel basis.

Wait for about 120 seconds. In that time, the ceramic coating’s oil pattern will stop moving. Once this happens, you can buff the surface with microfibre cloths.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

When you apply it properly, ceramic car coating lasts for two years. Depending on the frequency at which you maintain your car, it can even last for up to 4-5 years.

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

It is a chemical polymer that is applied to the outermost surface of the vehicle as a protection against damage to the car paint. It will blend with the car’s paint thanks to a chemical bonding feature.

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

With benefits like protection against UV rays, dirt, scratches, rain and mud, ceramic car polish is good for your car.

Should I Get Ceramic Coating on My New Car?

Your new car won’t have any paint damage, watermarks or scratches. Ceramic car coating works best on damage-free surfaces. As such, adding a ceramic coating to your new car is perfect.

The coating will most likely last for up to 5 years while offering protection to your original car paint.

Can I Ceramic Coat My Car Myself?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions on the label, you can apply it yourself. 

How Do I Wash My Car After Ceramic Coating?

Starting with the wheels, rinse the car. Then, use a car wash mitt to wash the car. After rinsing off the suds, dry it with a microfiber towel.