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Hygiene Clean - Agricultural Building Cleaner

SKU G7154X

Customer Services: 01634 245666

Hygiene Clean is an extremely powerful caustic based, foaming degreaser. Our powerful bactericide formula is the perfect solution for general farm and dairy use an ideal product for cleaning farm buildings. 

Regular deep cleaning with Hygiene Clean also counts towards protecting livestock, workers, visitors, essentially anyone on the premises.

  • Removes dirt and kills harmful bacteria as well as germs.
  • Kills 99.99% Of Bacteria

Just as it benefits the interiors of agricultural buildings, external pressure washing reduces rot, staining and decay, aiding in prolonging building lifespans and helping improve the aesthetics of the buildings also.

This product can be diluted up to 1:10 with water. For Use with hot or cold pressure washer systems or pre-wash hand pump sprayers.