Cherry Snow Foam

Cherry Blizzard Snow Foam - 5, 25, 210, 1000ltr

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Are you fed up of using a snow foam that doesn't actually lift any dirt? We were, that's why we decided to manufacture a brand new Snow Foam that is 2X the strength of any other Snow Foam on the market. Our unique PH neutral blend makes it easier than ever to remove thick dirt and grime from you vehicle. Im guessing you know a Snow Foam is supposed to be used for a pre wash stage to remove dirt and grime but many on the market struggle to do just that and ruin your paint when it gets to the wash stage. When our chemists designed this product we created a brand new technology called 'JENOLIFT' this technology helps our product to cling to the surface to lift all that thick dirt and grime and makes it easier than ever to rinse from the surface. The results speak for themselves just!