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Tyre Cleaner

  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner Super - Non Acid Wheel Cleaner 500ml Trigger - JENNYCHEM

    Alloy Wheel Cleaner Super - Non Acid Wheel Cleaner

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    Our acid-free wheel cleaner is a blend of strong cleaning and foaming agents combined with chemical compounds that bind to and dissolve brake dust and road grime on the surface of the wheel.  This product is also completely safe to use with all clear coated wheel finishes, we do recommend testing on an inconspicuous area with bare metal or polished alloys. See it in action... How To Use: Spray onto the wheel surface ensuring good coverage. Allow a 2-3 minutes dwell time Use our Vikan wheel cleaning brushes if heavily soiled. Rinse off with your Pressure Washer Please note: This product can be diluted up to 1:20. (1 part chemical to 20 parts water). For general use, we suggest using at 1:10. 

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    Safe for all types of wheels!

    Alkaline based!

    Best on the market!

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  • Powerful Fallout Remover & Wheel Cleaner 500ml Trigger - JENNYCHEM

    Powerful Fallout Remover & Wheel Cleaner

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    Iron X Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, high-quality product that is designed to clean your wheels and remove stubborn contaminants that are difficult to remove using traditional cleaning methods. This professional-grade formula is specially formulated to dissolve and remove brake dust, iron, and other metallic particles from your wheels, leaving them looking clean and shiny.

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    Removes brake dust!

    Safe on all parts of the vehicle!

    Colour changing chemical!

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  • 32% Hydrochloric Acid - Formula 7 Acid Inhibited 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    32% Hydrochloric Acid - Formula 7 Acid Inhibited

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     This concentrated hydrochloric acid 32% inhibited is great for descaling. It's the ideal descaler for descaling pipes, pressure washers etc. And it's also perfect for removing brake dust from wheels. 

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  • Aliclean Super Aluminium Cleaner 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Aliclean Super Aluminium Cleaner

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    Aliclean Super wheel cleaner is an extremely effective and concentrated aluminium cleaner. It effectively removes soil and brake dust to leave aluminium a sparkling shine. Contains Hydrofluoric acid so handle with care. For Health and safety we recommend sodium gluconate C-Gel incase of skin contact. Available on the Jennychem shop for £15 Per Tube.

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  • Aliclean Safety - Safety Wheel Cleaner 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Aliclean Safety - Safety Wheel Cleaner

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    Aliclean Safety Wheel Cleaner is a milder blend of acids compared to the Aliclean Super. This milder blend of acids gently removes brake dust to leave alloys sparkling clean. This is a great, effective and safe wheel cleaning solution. Non-Hydrofluoric.   Dilute at 1:5 with water. 

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  • Long Life Tyre Shine & Trim Dressing 1L - JENNYCHEM

    Long Life Tyre Shine & Trim Dressing

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    Revitalize and protect your vehicle's rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces with our Long Life Tyre & Trim Dressing. This trade strength formula provides a high-gloss finish that lasts for weeks and is weather resistant. Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including interior trim, tires, engine components, bumpers, and window seals, this fast-drying formula is versatile and easy to apply.

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    Over 1000 Applications Per 5L

    Non Sling Formulation

    Silicone Based

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  • Peek Paste - Leaves Wheels Sparkling 100ML - JENNYCHEM

    Peek Paste - Leaves Wheels Sparkling

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    Peek Paste Peek Premium polish unsurpassed in its ability to clean, polish, deoxidize and restore all metals and more. Simple and easy to use. This can be used on: brass, copper, silver plate, sterling silver, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum,, magnesium, platinum, pewter, factory hot gun bluing, painted surfaces, glass, perspex, plastics, fiberglass, eisenglass, Peek removes tarnish, rust, water stains, chalking, lime deposits, heat discoloration, lead and powder residue, oxidation, bugs, tar, oil, fingerprints, tree sap, bird droppings, graffiti, black streaks and scuff marks off any non porous surface. Used for cleaning the yellow hazing form headlights as well as black streaks from caravans and boats. Excellent for removing oxidation from fiberglass. NSF certified, 3 airline certificates as well as holders of the Royal Warrant.    

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  • Tyre Shine Super - Silicone Free Rubber Dressing 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Tyre Shine Super - Silicone Free Rubber Dressing

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    A water based, body shop safe tyre & trim dressing for enhancing the appearance of rubber surfaces. Including. Most suitable for car showrooms or dry periods of weather. It Leaves a natural finish on all rubber surfaces including tyres and mats. As our Rubber Dressing can easily and quickly be applied to both wet and dry tyres,

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    Silicone Free

    Body Shop Safe

    Fast Drying Formula

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Tyre Cleaner FAQ's

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Tyre Care Products in the UK — Alloy Wheel Cleaner

A wheel cleaner is an essential car cleaning product for commercial car detailing services. If you're serious about getting a wash for your wheel regularly, an alloy wheel cleaner is a product you should be using.

Using Jenny Chem’s Alloy Wheel Cleaner guarantees the complete breakdown of tough brake dust on your wheels. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard somewhere that an acid alloy wheel cleaner isn’t good for your car. If this is you, it’s time to change your opinion about this propaganda.

Because of the level of damage and abuse, they take while you drive, it’s difficult to clean your wheels with grease and detergent. In addition to road dirt, tar, grime, oil and select contaminants, you have to also deal with particles from brakes.

The only point of worry with acid-based tyre cleaning products is the handling. Since it’s corrosive, and acid-based deep wheel cleaner has to be handled correctly and with the right safety gear. Once you get this down, you’re gaining a valuable ally in the ongoing battle to keep your alloy wheels flawless. Jenny Chem’s alloy acid wheel cleaner will give the tyre that sparkling shine you crave.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner Specially Formulated for Brake Dust

Brake dust, metallic contaminants and iron deposits from the brake pad are the biggest enemies of your alloy wheels. Sometimes, the damage even extends to the lower body panels of your car.

Brake dust is forced out from the brake pads and sticks onto the undercarriage, wheels and body panels of your car. When this happens, other cars in the vicinity aren’t safe either.

What’s more, brake dust is corrosive and has a knock-on effect. If you use the wrong car tyre care products, it will cause permanent rusting, swirl marks and scratches on your paint job.

This is why we produce a strong wheel cleaner that is specifically formulated to remove brake dust. Thanks to the honest concentration of our car tyre care products, you can remove steel shards and carbon residue from intense braking.

Use tyre care products in the UK with advanced chemical formulations. Check out our collection of wheel cleaners today!

When is the Best Time to Use Alloy Wheel Cleaners?

Bi-monthly is the best frequency to wash your wheel with a deep wheel cleaner. Here at Jenny Chem, our car tyre care products offer the versatility of use.

You can use them on wheels with lacquered alloy plus plastic and painted finishes. The best part is they come pre-mixed. Therefore, you can use them with zero prep.

Even with the ease of use, our premium line of alloy wheel cleaners will make light work of hard iron deposits, debris from brake disks and general road grime.

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Why Use JennyChem’s Wheel Cleaner

Here’s what our tyre care products for UK residents have to offer.

Powerful Cleaning Action

We offer either an acid alloy wheel cleaner or a non-acidic variant. Each one is powerfully formulated to break down tarnish, rust, tarnish and grime. It also offers sparkling results when used on stubborn iron deposits.

Gives Your Tyre a Shine

Our patented formula includes brightening agents that will give your alloy wheels their best shine.


Jenny Chem’s line of tyre cleaning products can be used on clear coat finishes, painted wheels and plastic wheels.

Transforms Your Car Tyre

If you’ve neglected to maintain your wheels for a long time, then this is the deep wheel cleaner you have been looking for. We offer sparkling results for even the most neglected alloy wheels.

Decontaminates Your Wheels and Lower Vehicle Panels

Our alloy wheel cleaner reacts with iron and metal deposits. In doing so, it neutralizes the bond that holds them to your car.

With this bond removed, you can avoid scratches and rust damage from brake deposits. This chemical reaction also helps prevent paint failure.

Wheel Cleaners and Car Detailing Products

Alloy wheel cleaners are an essential part of car detailing products. They will flush out the dirt and grime from unseen crevasses within the hidden panels of your car. The inner surfaces of tyre rims tend to harbour the most debris and are often difficult places to reach. Hence, snow foams and car shampoos are not enough to get the job done.

Wheel cleaners possess the necessary chemicals to break down tough oil stains that nest in the corners of your tyres. Wheel cleaning can also work for larger vehicles like caravan or fleet cars. In tandem with caravan cleaners, they can purge your alloy wheels of invasive gunk and grease.

Most owners overlook car tyres due to the fact that they get dirty the quickest and aren’t the most noticeable features of a car. However, no matter how much screen wash you apply on your windscreen or no matter how glossy the car ceramic coating is, a dirty wheel will stand out.

Whereas traffic film removers may stand as a solid alternative to a regular alloy wheel cleaner, it is still best to use the designated wheel cleaners to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Now that the wheels and body of your car are shiny, don’t forget to engage in car interior cleaning to give your car the full spa treatment. Let your car sparkle from both within and without.

If you are stuck on which type of alloy wheel cleaners to buy for your car, kindly reach out to us at JennyChem, and we will provide you with the appropriate wheel cleaner to keep your tyres and brakes running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to common questions about our line of car tyre care products:

How to Clean Aluminum Wheels with Acid?

If you have the time, start by removing the alloy wheels. This will allow the deep wheel cleaner to get into all the hidden corners of the rim. It also makes it easy to clean behind the wheel.

Also, make sure the wheels are cool before you start to clean them. Without this precaution, your acid alloy wheel cleaner will evaporate and only leave behind deposits.

After doing the above, you can follow this step-by-step procedure:

  • Remove dirt and general grime with a high-pressure hose or washer
  • Add the acid alloy wheel cleaner
  • Leave it on for the recommended length of time, using wheel brushes to agitate the solution
  • Rinse off the solution with water from a pressure washer
  • Allow your alloy wheels to dry

Does Alloy Wheel Cleaner Damage Wheels?

No, alloy wheel cleaners do not damage your wheels. They are specially formulated to attack brake dust and grime without affecting your wheels.

What is the Best Way to Clean Brake Dust from Wheels?

The best way is to use a strong acid wheel cleaner. Before adding the solution, use a high-pressure washer to remove general dust and dirt. Be sure to spray between the spokes, around the well and the tyre.

For the best results, use the maximum pressure on the washer. Be sure your wheel is still wet before applying strong acid cleaning products.

Next, brush in the solution so it works effectively. Also, be sure to get to brake dust in the wheel openings and spokes. They often see a high accumulation of brake dust. Then, you can use a washcloth to wash the outer surface of the wheel.

Finally, rinse out your wheel and let it dry thoroughly before the next drive.

How do I Make My Own Wheel Cleaner?

The following combinations make great at-home wheel cleaning solutions:

  • Baking soda plus dishwasher
  • Tartar cream solution
  • Baking soda and lemon juice

However, note that the effectiveness of these solutions can’t be predicted. In addition to offering poor cleaning, they may also damage your alloy wheels. Instead, use professionally made tyre cleaning products.

Can You Use Oven Cleaner on Alloy Wheels?

No. Although it may work on some stains, it will also strip layers off your outer wheels.