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Snowstorm TFR Maxi Mousse - High Strength

SKU G7075X

Customer Services: 01634 245666

Snowstorm Is a powerful TFR Snow Foam designed to remove traffic film, oil and grease from vehicle exteriors.

After testing over 100 different formulations, we created Snowstorm a contactless caustic wash solution designed to be used with a foaming lance. That is the ideal product for anyone looking to cut down on the elbow grease that comes with traditional washing methods and, still get a high-quality finish. 

Ideal for use on commercial vehicles, vehicle bodies, chassis, engines and trailer curtains.

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See it in action...

How to use:

  1. Dilute Snowstorm in your foam lance at 1:4
  2. Spray onto the vehicle ensuring good coverage.
  3. Allow a 3-4 minutes dwell time
  4. Use our vehicle brushes if heavily soiled.
  5. Rinse off with your Pressure Washer.