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Snowstorm TFR Maxi Mousse

SKU G7075X

Customer Services: 01634 245666

Let Snowstorm do the hard work for you...

After testing over 100 different formulations, we created Snowstorm a contactless wash solution. That is the ideal product for anyone looking to cut down on the elbow grease that comes with traditional washing methods and, still get a high-quality finish. 

Snowstorm works by getting underneath all the dirt on the surface of the vehicle, lifting the stubborn contaminants. So that when it comes to the pressure washing stage the ingrained dirt & grime is removed with ease. 

✅ Brushless Cleaning (Saving You Time & Money)

✅ Cleans alloys & paintwork 

✅ Leaves a high-quality shine

✅ Can also be used on commercial vehicles

How many washes per 5L?

With each 5L you can expect to get around 40 washes making it only £0.40p per wash. 

For the best results dilute the product at 1:4 with water and apply using a high-quality foam lance.