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  • Sodium Bicarbonate 25KG - JENNYCHEM

    Sodium Bicarbonate

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    Sodium Bicarbonate plays a pivotal role in creating a balanced aquatic environment. By raising the alkalinity of the pool water, it helps to prevent drastic changes in pH, ensuring the comfort of swimmers and the longevity of pool equipment. A well-maintained pool alkalinity not only optimises chlorine's sanitising function but also provides swimmers with crystal clear water that's gentle on the skin and eyes. Jennychem's Sodium Bicarbonate boasts of premium grade quality, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your pool water without leaving any undesirable residues. Its fast-dissolving formula allows for quick adjustments, getting your pool ready in no time. Whether it's a home pool, a community recreation centre, or a luxurious resort, entrust the balance and clarity of your pool water to Jennychem's Sodium Bicarbonate.  

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