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pH Minus

  • 32% Hydrochloric Acid - Formula 7 Acid Inhibited 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    32% Hydrochloric Acid - Formula 7 Acid Inhibited

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     This concentrated hydrochloric acid 32% inhibited is great for descaling. It's the ideal descaler for descaling pipes, pressure washers etc. And it's also perfect for removing brake dust from wheels. 

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  • Sodium Bisulphate 25KG  - JENNYCHEM

    Sodium Bisulphate 25KG

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    Sodium bisulfate is a chemical commonly used in swimming pools to adjust the pH level of the water. It is also used in various industries, such as food and beverage, cleaning products, textile, water treatment, and agriculture, for pH control and as a preservative, sanitier, and fertiliser.

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    Industrial Strength Product

    Perfect For Swimming Pools

    Lowers The pH

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