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Chassis Cleaner

The exterior of your car may get the most scrutiny. But, you need to take proper care of the internal system of your car as well. This is where a chassis cleaner comes into play. A chassis cleaner is a cleaning agent that removes dirt, mud and grime from the undercarriage of your car.

A chassis cleaner purges rust and debris that may be difficult to wash with cars shampoo or snow foams. Accumulated dirt underneath your car can add to the overall weight of your vehicle and reduce its efficiency.

During the winter period, salt is often sprayed on the road to reduce snow on the road. However, the salt can gather underneath your car and speed up the action of rust. A chassis cleaner will clear out the salt residue and even save you money on car detailing products.

Your car mostly has iron components, especially in the undercarriage area. Therefore, while the car body’s plastic or car ceramic coating may be safe from rust, your undercarriage can undergo serious oxidation and suffer subsequent damage.

A chassis cleaner is a vital part of car interior cleaning, which you should not overlook in favour of the car seats and upholstery. A weathered undercarriage can lead to a weak axle or damage your stabilisers and car brakes.

Look through our collection today and get the full treatment of traffic film removers with the added benefit of a chassis cleaner. We also offer sparkling screenwash products for your windshields as well.

It doesn’t matter the size of your car, JennyChem also offers caravan cleaning products to cover every nook and cranny of your vehicle.