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Chassis Cleaner

  • Chassis Cleaner Super 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Chassis Cleaner Super

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    Chassis Cleaner Super is an extremely strong, effective caustic degreaser. It is an aggressive water-based cleaner, ideal for use with a pressure washer for cleaning grease, road film and grime from chassis, engine bays, and other oily components. Chassis Cleaner Super is safe to use on chassis, tail lifts, aluminium, galvanised surfaces and other types of oily components.   Ideal for MOT centres for cleaning under chassis.  Very Heavy duty degreaser  Not for use on paintwork This product can be diluted up to 1:20 with water. For Use with hot or cold pressure washer systems or pre-wash hand pump sprayers. 

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    Super strong caustic degreaser!


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  • De-Solve-It  - Solvent Parts & Engine Degreaser 20LTR - JENNYCHEM

    De-Solve-It - Solvent Parts & Engine Degreaser

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    Our De-Solve-It Super formula has been meticulously designed to break down and dissolve stubborn greases, oils, and accumulated residues with impressive efficiency. Whether it's heavy machinery, automotive parts, or industrial equipment, this solvent degreaser ensures a residue-free, pristine finish every time. What sets Jennychem's De-Solve-It Super apart is its rapid evaporation rate. This feature allows for a quicker drying process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity, especially beneficial in fast-paced environments. This product uses a blend of odorless kerosene and emulsifiers.   

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Chassis Cleaner FAQ's

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Protect Your Car and Ensure its Longevity By Using Our Chassis Cleaner!

You take pride in your car’s gleaming exterior. There’s nothing like the brilliant shine of a freshly washed and waxed car, as you see your reflection staring back at you and watch the light dance off your paint. 

But beneath that shiny facade lies the true foundation of your vehicle - the chassis

Although it’s often neglected, this structure bears the brunt of every pothole, muddy puddle, and gravelly road. Accumulated grime, corrosive salts, and insidious rust can compromise the integrity of your vehicle's underbelly without proper care. 

Think of it this way: you wouldn't build a stunning house on a weak foundation, would you? The same goes for your car - the strength and longevity lie in its unseen support. 

That’s why we’ve worked to curate a selection of the finest chassis wash in the UK. This is your car's unsung hero in the battle against these hidden, corrosive enemies. You can enjoy peace of mind by safeguarding your car’s very core with our car underbody cleaner.

Our potent formulations cut through the toughest of grime, extending the life of your vehicle and ensuring that every journey is built on a solid foundation. Get yours today and see the difference yourself.

Why the UK Trusts JennyChem For Safe, Effective Chassis Wash

JennyChem has established itself as the guardian of automotive undercarriages across the UK. These products can be paired with a car pressure washer, commercial pressure washer, or Kranzle pressure washer to effortlessly and effectively clean your car’s undercarriage. 

Our Chassis Cleaner Super and De-Solve-It Solvent Parts & Engine Degreaser are the duo you need for a clean and sound vehicle base. They’re both easy to use and versatile additions to your detailing process.

This car underbody cleaner is a formidable caustic degreaser that has been engineered to tackle the most stubborn grease and road filth. It partners seamlessly with your pressure washer to strip away the unwanted layers that weigh down and wear out your vehicle’s underside. 

It’s safe on aluminum and galvanised surfaces and offers heavy-duty degreasing without compromising the integrity of your paintwork. It’s an MOT-standard product that promises and delivers excellence.

We also offer our De-Solve-It Solvent Parts & Engine Degreaser, which is a powerhouse in its own right. It's designed to disintegrate the greases and residues that are the banes of machinery health. 

But what truly sets it apart is the swiftness with which it evaporates, minimising downtime, and catapulting productivity into high gear. Efficiency dances hand in hand with safety with this solvent.

No matter which chassis cleaning product you go with you can rest assured you’re getting the quality your car deserves. And if you aren’t sure which chassis wash to go with, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our world-class customer support team is on standby eager to help you elevate your vehicle care routine by incorporating regular chassis cleaning today!

See the Difference Firsthand - Order Your Car Underbody Cleaner Today and Give it the Care it Deserves!

Don’t wait until the signs of damage are irrevocable. Prevention is better than cure, and with JennyChem’s chassis cleaners, prevention is just a wash away. Whether you own a classic car, an everyday run-around, or a caravan that’s seen many a road, trust JennyChem to provide the car underbody cleaner your vehicle deserves.

And while there’s no denying the importance of using an effective chassis cleaning solution, this is just the tip of the iceberg at Jennychem. We have the other car detailing products you need to show off your vehicle’s brilliant finish and maintain its interior along with products to keep your vehicle on the road.

So, grab other essentials like snow foam and a foam lance, tfr cleaner, car shampoo, screenwash, car interior cleaner, air freshener, car wash buckets, car wash sponges, anti freeze for car, caravan cleaner, car ceramic polish, and whatever else you need to keep your vehicle at its best. 

Your vehicle’s chassis might be out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. Order now and give your car the comprehensive protection it needs from top to bottom with our car chassis cleaner!