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Caravan Cleaners

  • Portable Toilet & Caravan Toilet Cleaner - Blue 2.5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Portable Toilet & Caravan Toilet Cleaner - Blue

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    A unique product to break down toilet waste in your waste tank. Apply every 4-5 days to make sure that your toilet waste remains broken down, as well as helping to remove nasty germs and bacteria that are found in your waste tank. It’s also designed to leave a fresh and mild fragrance behind – perfect for keeping your toilet fresh and clean!

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Caravan Cleaners FAQ's

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A caravan is a large vehicle that can be a chore to clean with regular cleaning products. This is where caravan cleaners come into play. We provide top quality caravan cleaners in the UK to cater to the cleaning needs of your trucks, trailers, RVs and other large vehicles. Our caravan cleaning products are of premium standard and will leave your caravan looking brand new with every wash.

A caravan is an adventure prone vehicle, which means you will often take it out in harsh weather conditions. Over time, the accumulation of dirt, debris and grime can slowly fade the paintwork. However, a caravan cleaner will greatly reduce the chances of the coating of your caravan peeling.

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Snow foams and car shampoos can only do so much for cleaning the exterior of your caravan. Caravan cleaners put a final touch to the surface of your caravan and give it a long-lasting appearance.

The winter months can be very unforgiving to the surface of larger vehicles, and your conventional car detailing products may not be sufficient to do the job. Caravan cleaning products will remove the unwanted effects of weather and road contaminants on your vehicle.

Furthermore, you must refrain from using cheap homemade car cleaning products to clean your caravan. Poor cleaning products can damage the paintwork or scratch car ceramic coating.

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It’s better to cough up the extra cash to purchase an efficient caravan cleaner and reduce the risk of fading. More so, the cleaner acts as a perfect wheel cleaners for tyres and rims, which often accumulate significant mud and grime in hard to reach corners.

Buying Guide for Caravan Cleaners

If you’re looking to buy a caravan cleaner in the UK, we understand there are a variety of caravan cleaners you can purchase and use. Our caravan cleaner products stand tall among others in the market. Here’s why:

pH Level

Before purchasing caravan cleaning products, ensure to look out for its pH level. The pH level is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a liquid substance. The acidity helps to dissolve tough and dry stains, while alkalinity aids in breaking up dirt clumps.

Our caravan cleaner offers a balanced pH level that provides both perks of acidity and alkalinity. If the pH level leans too heavily on either side, it can lead to disastrous effects.

Concentration of Cleaner

This refers to the cleaner’s concentration level and how much dilution it needs. A concentrated caravan cleaner will determine how much lather you need to wash the entire caravan. If you want a more direct and automatic approach, you can go for a ready-to-use caravan cleaner.

Streak and Spot Resistance

Often at times, no matter the amount of screen wash you apply to your caravan windshield, it may still harbour stubborn water streaks and spots. These spots can hinder the aesthetic appearance of your caravan. Our premium caravan cleaner will eliminate all these spots and leave your windows without any blemish.

Cleaning and Drying your Caravan

You may be inclined to use the same cloth to clean and dry your caravan. However, this may not be ideal. It’s better to use clean larger vehicles in stages using two different clothes. This is especially important when dealing with car interior cleaning agents inside the vehicle.

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of your large vehicles. Microfiber is soft and gentle on the surface and won’t scratch the vehicle. After cleaning, don’t wait for the caravan to dry naturally. Instead, use a drying cloth like cotton to absorb the excess moisture and leave your vehicle looking shiny.