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Long Life Tyre Shine


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Our Long Life Tyre Shine is designed to leave a superb wet silicone look . Its so easy to apply just use the application pad provided.

ADVANCE LONG LASTING FORMULA THAT ENDURES USE EVEN IN BAD WEATHER - Do you find it annoying when your tyre shine only lasts for a few days till the rain takes it away? Because we do! Our Tyre Shine Gel has been designed by our chemists so that it can endure even the worst conditions and bad weather.

HIGH GLOSS SHINE THAT LASTS FOR 2-3 WEEKS - You won't find a product on the market that lasts as long as ours. Why? Because we manufacture our own industrial chemicals we have the ability to make a premium product that lasts longer than all our competitors.

How to apply?

For the best results make sure you clean the tyre and let it dry before you apply the tyre shine. Once dried apply a very thin layer to your tyre and let it soak in. For increased durability add another layer. If the product sling up your paintwork you have applied too much or not let it settle for 1-3 hours.