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Alloy Wheel Cleaner Super - Non Acid Wheel Cleaner


Customer Services: 01634 245666

Our acid-free wheel cleaner is a blend of strong cleaning and foaming agents combined with chemical compounds that bind to and dissolve brake dust and road grime on the surface of the wheel. 

This product is also completely safe to use with all clear coated wheel finishes, we do recommend testing on an inconspicuous area with bare metal or polished alloys.

See it in action...

How To Use:

  1. Spray onto the wheel surface ensuring good coverage.
  2. Allow a 2-3 minutes dwell time
  3. Use our Vikan wheel cleaning brushes if heavily soiled.
  4. Rinse off with your Pressure Washer

Please note: This product can be diluted up to 1:20. (1 part chemical to 20 parts water). For general use, we suggest using at 1:10.