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Where to Put Screen Wash: Tips on How to Put Screen Wash in Car

Where to Put Screen Wash: Tips on How to Put Screen Wash in Car

Tired of squinting through a dirty windshield? Many drivers underestimate the importance of screenwash until they find themselves struggling for visibility on the motorway. 

But by the time you realize you need screenwash, it’s too late - which is why keeping levels topped off can’t be overlooked. So where does screenwash go, and how do you fill it up? 

The reservoir is usually tucked away under the hood, near the windshield. And refilling it is easier than you think. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about where to put screen wash in a car and how to fill screen wash reservoirs the right way.

And, if you don’t already have antifreeze screenwash on hand, you’re in luck. Jennychem has a premium selection of styles to choose from, each of which leaves behind a brilliant shine on your windscreen. First, what is screen wash and why do you need it?

What is Screen Wash?

Screenwash is significantly elevates your road safety and driving experience by maintaining a crystal-clear windshield. It’s what you spray on your windscreen as you’re driving to eliminate dust, bugs, grime, or in severe winter conditions, ice. 

Unlike tap water, which can leave mineral deposits and smear your view, high-quality screenwash has detergents and solvents specifically designed to lift and remove road grime, insects, and even oily residues from your windscreen. 

In winter months, it contains antifreeze agents that prevent the liquid from turning into ice in the washer reservoir or on your windshield.

Screenwash isn't just “nice-to-have”. It's an essential component of your vehicle's safety system, allowing for optimum visibility in all driving conditions. It could be the difference between allowing you to see the road clearly and react to upcoming obstacles, or missing your turn when you’re on a time constraint because you couldn’t read signs clearly.

That being said, where does screenwash go? Let’s get into where to put screen wash to help you ensure your reservoir is topped off at all times to avoid the common pitfalls of running out of this essential cleaning agent.

Where to Put Screen Wash in Your Car

As we mentioned before, the screen wash reservoir lives under the hood of your car. It will vary slightly based on your specific make and model, so let’s get a bit more specific about where to put screen wash in cars and how to identify the reservoir cap.

General Location: Under the Hood

The screenwash reservoir is usually located under the hood of your car, often near the sides for easy access. It's deliberately placed here to be both convenient for refills and safely distanced from sensitive engine parts that could be damaged by accidental spills. 

Knowing its precise location will save you time and stress, especially in those moments when you realize your windscreen is more smears and smudges than clear glass. 

Even if you don’t need to fill your reservoir right now, it’s worth taking a few moments to find it so that when the time comes, you know where to put screen wash in your car. On that note, let’s talk about what the reservoir cap looks like so you don’t have to play the guessing game.

The Reservoir Cap: What it Looks Like and How to Identify It

The screenwash reservoir cap often has a windshield or wiper symbol on it, and it's usually blue or translucent. In that sense, you can’t miss it!

Sometimes, it might even have a squirt icon or the word 'Washer' embossed on it. This cap is generally easy to twist or flip open, making it accessible even for those who aren't auto-savvy. 

Don't confuse it with the coolant reservoir, which is a completely different unit and often comes with warning labels. The two caps look somewhat similar but serve entirely different functions. Mixing them up could lead to costly damages.

When to Fill: Key Signs You’re Running Low

You know where to put screen wash in cars, the question is, how often do you need to top it off? What are the signs you’re running low? Just as with how often to add AD Blue, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Your vehicle will often alert you when the screenwash level is critically low, usually through a dashboard warning light or a 'check washer fluid' message. However, older cars might not have this feature. 

In that case, your first clue might be a weaker-than-usual spray or, even worse, a sputtering sound that indicates an empty reservoir. 

Consistently clear visibility is non-negotiable for safe driving, so make it a habit to check your screenwash levels regularly - perhaps every other time you fill up on gas or at least once a month. With something like your vision, you’d rather be safe than sorry!

How to Put Screen Wash in Car: Tips on Pouring Screenwash into Your Vehicle

Let's move on to the practicalities of putting screenwash into your vehicle. You'll be pleased to know that it's a process that can be accomplished in just a few minutes, but there are nuances worth noting for an efficient and safe refill. Here’s how to put screen wash in cars…

Safety First: Precautions to Take

Before you open that screenwash container, ensure your car engine is off and the vehicle is on a level surface. Screenwash is not something you want to accidentally ingest or get in your eyes, so consider wearing gloves and protective eyewear. 

Keep pets and children away from the area as you're handling chemicals, albeit mild ones. If your screenwash is concentrated and needs diluting, it's even more essential to handle it with care.

Tools Needed: Funnels, Measuring Cups, and Others

This task becomes remarkably simpler when equipped with the right tools. A funnel with a narrow spout is useful for guiding the liquid directly into the reservoir, reducing the chance of spills. 

If you’re dealing with a concentrated screenwash, a measuring cup becomes invaluable to get the correct dilution ratio. And always keep some paper towels or a rag handy for any minor spills.

The Dilution Dilemma: How to Mix Concentrated Screen Wash Accurately

Many screenwash solutions come in a concentrated form. The benefits? You save money over time and have the flexibility to adjust the concentration according to seasonal needs. However, incorrect dilution can either waste the product or, worse, damage your vehicle's washer system. 

Always read the instructions on your screenwash container for the recommended dilution ratio. Use a separate jug to mix water and the concentrated screenwash together before funneling it into the reservoir. 

If your container doesn’t offer ratios, a common rule of thumb is 1 part screenwash to 4 parts water, but this can vary.

Filling Technique: How to Avoid Spills and Overflows

Firstly, remove the reservoir cap and place your funnel over the opening. If you've pre-mixed your screenwash in a separate container, carefully pour the liquid into the funnel, stopping occasionally to check the level. 

Many reservoirs have a 'Max Fill' line. Do not exceed this line as doing so can lead to overflow and waste. If you're filling directly from a screenwash container, employ a steady hand and go slow to minimize spillage. Remove the funnel, wipe any drips with your paper towel, and firmly replace the reservoir cap.

Taking these steps ensures a seamless, spill-free process that not only leaves your windscreen spotless but also keeps the system running efficiently. After all, it’s not just about adding liquid; it's about maintaining a system that contributes significantly to your road safety. 

Learn more about taking care of your car in our blog. You can learn how to dry a car after washing it, how to ceramic coat a car, how to use snow foam, how to apply tyre shine, how to clean car wash mitts, and more.

But, before we wrap up this conversation on where to put screen wash in cars, allow us to introduce you to the Jennychem lineup for consistently clear windscreens!

Get the Most Effective Screenwash in the UK at Jennychem!

Having discussed the nuances of refilling your car's screenwash system, we can't stress enough the importance of the quality of screenwash you use. 

Just as with the best car snow foam or the best car drying towel, this is an investment in your vehicle. And you can rest assured you’re getting the quality you deserve when you shop with us. 

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Our formulations are carefully crafted to ensure that they are effective, long-lasting, and, importantly, friendly to your car's system.

We offer screenwash that's ready to use down to -6 degrees, as well as concentrated solutions for those who prefer to tailor their mix. 

For colder climates, don't miss our Concentrated Extreme Winter Screenwash, designed to resist freezing down to -28 degrees. 

And for an all-around robust cleaner, try Superclean Super, which not only clears grime but also leaves a protective layer on your windscreen.

Whether you're a car enthusiast or a daily commuter, we have a product that fits your needs, backed by years of expertise and countless satisfied customers.

We also have a full range of professional car cleaning products - from car snow foam shampoo and car wash soap to car interior cleaning products, air fresheners for cars, and a whole lot more.

Make the smart choice for your vehicle and invest in a screenwash that does its job excellently. Shop now - because at this point, it’s time we wrapped up this guide on where to put screen wash in cars.

Parting Thoughts on Where to Put Screen Wash in Cars

We hope this article on where to put car screen wash and how to put screen wash in cars has eliminated any apprehensions you might have had about filling up your car's screenwash. 

It's a simple but essential task that anyone can perform. Knowing how, when, and with what to fill your reservoir can make a big difference in driving visibility and safety. 

As you've learned, the process involves more than just dumping a liquid into a container; it's about following a set of steps to ensure the safety and efficiency of your windscreen washing system.

Whether you’re looking for snow foam vs car shampoo or simply here for the premiere selection of screenwash, there’s only one thing left to do - shop now and upgrade your car maintenance routine!

Don't compromise on your safety or the effectiveness of your windscreen cleaning. Choose quality, choose performance, choose Jennychem. Visit our website today and elevate your driving experience with the best screenwash in the UK.

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