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Car Screenwash

  • Screenwash: Super Concentrate (-18℃) 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Screenwash: Super Concentrate (-18℃)

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    When the seasons shift, ensure your view remains crystal-clear with our Screen wash Super Concentrate. Tailored for year-round performance, it promises an anti-smear finish even during the harshest winter days.  Providing excellent cleaning performance, this product is formulated to effectively remove insect smear, salt, and traffic film with ease and without damaging your wiper blades or rubber seals. providing protection down to -18 degrees.  

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    Strong Formula


    Works down to -18°C!

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  • Screenwash: Concentrate (-12℃) 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Screenwash: Concentrate (-12℃)

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    Screenwash Concentrate is Ideal for winter weather down to -12°C. This product is for year round application and can be diluted to suit all seasons.  Providing excellent cleaning performance, this product is formulated to effectively remove insect smear, salt, and traffic film with ease and without damaging your wiper blades or rubber seals. Perfect for leaving windscreens crystal clear for a more enjoyable driving experience.  

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    Economical Formula

    Works down to-12°C!

    Safe for all vehicles

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  • Screenwash: Ready To Use (-6℃) 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Screenwash: Ready To Use (-6℃)

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    Introducing the ready-to-use screenwash solution that keeps your windshield crystal clear, no matter the weather conditions. Our formula is specially designed to clean and remove dirt, grime, bugs, and road salt, leaving a streak-free finish. This product is easy to use and requires no mixing or dilution, simply pour it into your windscreen washer reservoir and you're good to go. Powerful De-icing Action: Melt away frost and ice rapidly for clear visibility in regular winter conditions (Down to -6 Degrees)

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    Ready to use!

    Works down to -6°C!

    Easy to use!

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  • Screenwash: Extreme Winter (-28℃) 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Screenwash: Extreme Winter (-28℃)

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    Extreme Winter Screenwash is engineered for optimum visibility, our Screenwash formula combats the harshest winter conditions, ensuring a clear and streak-free windshield. Enhanced with a powerful cleaning agent, this solution also removes road grime, salt spray, and other winter residues. Powerful De-icing Action: Melt away frost and ice rapidly for clear visibility even in severe winter conditions (Down to -28 Degrees)

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    Our strongest forulation!

    Works down to -28°C!

    Safe for all vehicles

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Car Screenwash FAQ's

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Enjoy Peace of Mind by Ridding Yourself of Vision Problems With Our Car Screenwash!

Picture yourself cruising down a picturesque country road on a crisp winter morning, or navigating a busy highway during a sudden downpour. 

You press the screenwash button, expecting a clear view ahead - but all you get is a smeary mess that actually worsens your visibility. 

It's terrifying, isn't it? Now, imagine a world where a single push of a button gives you a perfectly clear windshield, no matter the weather conditions. 

That's what our antifreeze screenwash offers you - safety and peace of mind. Not using an effective car screenwash with antifreeze is like driving with a blindfold. It's not just about keeping your windshield clean, it's about ensuring you and your loved ones are safe on the road.

Here at Jennychem, we’re committed to keeping your vision crystal clear so you don’t have to stress about foggy, icy, or dirty windshields any longer. Our car screenwash with antifreeze is the #1 choice in the UK.

Why Buy Antifreeze Screenwash for Cars at Jennychem?

At Jennychem, we’re passionate about helping vehicle owners across the UK achieve peace of mind. For years, we've been the UK’s trusted provider of antifreeze screenwash, and it's easy to see why. These three products are among the best of the best:

  • Screenclean Super: This powerhouse is a highly concentrated screen wash with antifreeze, specially formulated for year-round use. From the stickiness of summer bugs to winter's harsh salt and grime, this product has you covered. It's effective down to a remarkable -18 degrees! It comes in easy-to-use 1000L IBC's with no deposit needed, making it both economical and eco-friendly.
  • Ready-To-Use Screenwash -6 Degrees: Don't like mixing ratios? No worries! Our ready-to-use car screenwash gives you the same stellar cleaning power, but you just pour it in and go. Streak-free clarity, no hassle.
  • Concentrated Extreme Winter Screenwash -28 Degrees: This is your savior during extreme winter conditions. It has a powerful de-icing action and can operate efficiently even at -28 degrees. Say goodbye to frosty, obscured views in the coldest months of the year.

There’s no question our lineup exceeds expectations. But it's not just about top-notch products. Jennychem is committed to customer service and quality, aligning with values that ensure you are always satisfied with your purchase. 

From easy directions for use to versatile options for every season, we're here to make your life simpler and safer. Not sure which of these is right for you, or looking for guidance using your screen wash with antifreeze? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Get Car Screenwash With Anti Freeze and Never Stress About Dirty, Icy, Cloudy Windshields Blocking Your Vision Again!

Why gamble with your safety by choosing subpar products when you can opt for Jennychem's proven, top-of-the-line antifreeze screenwash? With various options suited to your specific needs and a reputation for excellence, making the switch is a no-brainer.

Looking for other professional car cleaning products and maintenance essentials? Jennychem has all that you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking its best year-round. 

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So, whether you're dealing with a chilly winter morning or a bug-splattered summer afternoon, don't let impaired visibility compromise your journey. Get yours today and step into a world where your windshield is always clear, and your drives are always safe.