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What are the different types of Traffic Film Remover?

What are the different types of Traffic Film Remover?

You may have seen us using the term Traffic Film Remover recently. We have had a lot of inquiries into what they are used for and if they're safe to use on different types of paintwork. 

If you are a not an industrial pressure washer user, you may have seen advertised some of our products called Traffic Film Removers while browsing the internet. Or you may have seen it on our social media channels showing the benefits and cleaning power compared to the usual cleaning methods. 

What is a Traffic Film Remover?

TFR or Traffic Film Remover is a strong chemical cleaner that is designed for use either through a pressure washer, applied with a snow foaming bottle or applied directly (diluted down) to vehicle bodywork.

It is much stronger than regular pH neutral wash and wax or snow foam shampoos, and can be caustic or non caustic based. Some of the stronger Caustic TFR's will remove wax from the paintwork but clean it very effectively. 

Some of our Traffic Film Removers also contain bactericides. This is the perfect solution for cleaning and sanitising catering vehicles, farm vehicles, supermarket vehicles and many more. Leaving you with a clean and sterilised surface. 

Caustic Vs Non Caustic Traffic Film Remover?

There are 2 different types of traffic film remover that we manufacture. Caustic and Non Caustic based TFR. 

Caustic based Traffic Film Remover is designed for heavy duty cleaning/degreasing, MOT pre washing and plant cleaning. It is used by companies and individuals that cover a lot of road miles and are looking for something to remove thick dirt and grime, quickly and effectively. Please note that our Caustic TFR will remove wax from the paintwork of your vehicle, but will not damage or dull the paintwork like some other TFR's on the market.

Caustic TFR is perfect if you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean your vehicle, and you don't mind if it strips wax or any sealants applied. Some users of our Caustic based TFR will apply a layer of wax after they have cleaned the vehicle for extra protection and some just wash and go. Which works for some companies that clean them regularly. 

Non Caustic Based Traffic Film Remover is designed to do the same as a caustic based TFR, but it's safer to use on protected paintwork and will not strip wax. Non Caustic TFR's are still strong products with a high pH, but do not have quite the same cleaning strength as a Caustic TFR. But they're perfectly fine to use on heavily soiled vehicles.

They can also be used for daily washing if required, it will not damage paintwork and all of ours also contain a rinse aid to leave a perfect streak free shine every time.

If you have a vehicle with lots of aluminum such as a tanker vehicle you would want to use a Non Caustic TFR. As the Caustic TFR is not recommended to be used on vehicles with lots of exposed aluminum. 

How can Traffic Film Removers be used?

There are a few ways that you can use our traffic film removers. The most common way is through a pump sprayer, foam bottle/lance or pressure washer via a venturi system.

The regular TFR's will foam up nicely when using any of these methods but if you're looking for a super thick snow foam like TFR. We have created our Snowstorm TFR, which has the same attributes as a snow foam shampoo but with the cleaning strength of a Traffic Film Remover. This product is also available in a Caustic or Non Caustic Variant. 


What sizes are available? 

All of of traffic film removers are available in 5, 25, 210 and 1000 Litre drums. 

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