TFR Ultra Special 25ltr Maximize

TFR Ultra Special 25ltr

TFR Ultra special is a super concentrated traffic
film remover. It is a heavy duty TFR, foamy
(but not as foamy as Snowstorm).
It is the ultimate powerful traffic film remover).
4 times more concentrated than competitors products.

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Traffic film remover (TFR) is the very best product on the market when it comes to cleaning vehicles which are heavily in use such as company cars, buses and coaches. These vehicles are used almost every day of the year and often complete a large mileage each week. They need to be well-maintained, look excellent and be properly cared for. Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is the ideal product because it’s a highly concentrated solution, which cuts through dirt and grime, to leave your vehicle sparkling!

Traffic film remover (TFR) is a concentrated product so must be diluted.

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