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Winter Wash Kit


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Everything you’ll need to remove thick dirt and grime and, conduct a thorough wash of your vehicle this winter. 

Each kit includes the following:

5L Cherry Bomb Shampoo - RRP. £13.99

Cherry Bomb Shampoo Super is a super active, highly foaming shampoo. With a lovely fresh cherry fragrance. Sealant-safe, and features a pH-neutral solution including highly-concentrated lubricants. It comes neat, but can be diluted down to suit your needs. The dirtier your car, the more neat shampoo should be used. 

5L TFR + Wax - RRP. £12.60

Our Ultimate Traffic Film Remover is the perfect solution for those looking to remove bugs, brake dust, tar, or any other stubborn contaminants. It can be used to degrease engines and door shuts, as well as alloys. It’s safe to use on paintwork, glass, as well as plastic. Spray the formula onto the affected area and allow it to dwell for several minutes. Finish by jet washing off.

Aqua Green Drying Towel - RRP. £15.00

Meet the ultimate drying towel, the perfect size for reaching different areas of your vehicle. A luxury drying towel with an ultra-deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease.

The Jade Green drying towel is 500mm wide and 700mm long. Its deep 1200g/m² pile will quickly absorb all surface water safely, keeping your paintwork swirl free.

IK Multi TR 1 - RRP. £8.45

The ideal tool for any cleaning work, optimal for spraying a wide variety of chemicals such as Traffic Film Removers, neutral products such as glass cleaners, rinse aids and more. 

Noodle Wash Mitt  (Colour May Vary) - RRP. £5.00

Made from a super-soft microfibre that will not scratch paintwork during use. With loads of soft absorbent noodles, the microfibre wash mitt can hold loads of water and lift off dirt with ease.