Tango Sprayer - 7, 9, 12 Litre Pump-Up Sprayer

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We stock a wide range of sprayers for many different purposes including Horticultural, Agricultural and Industrial use. We have a sprayer for every job in the garden, on the farm, and for construction and industry. The service provided by us is second to none. Spare parts are always available from us.

The excellent quality Tango-7 from Osatu. These sprayers are pressurised by operating the pressure chamber several times from 18 to 24, depending on the model. The service capacity in these models is approximately two thirds of their total capacity.The rest should not be filled in order to make air compression possible.

These sprayers are perfect for outdoor applications in balconies and terraces or even in average (400 m2) and large (1500 m2) gardens.

Specification Osatu Tango-7 5 Litre Pressure Pump Sprayer:
* Useful capacity of 5 litres.
* Ergonomic and compact design. Light.
* Fiber glass lance.
* Crystal-clear hose in order to be able to see the level of liquid.
* Easy to use and mantain: access to all parts, without tools.
* Viton pressure chamber closing valve.
* Full colour individual packaging.
* TÜV-GS German mark.
* 3 years warranty.