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Oil Spill Kit 120 Ltr

SKU 0170/SK120

Customer Services: 01634 245666

Our Drizit Oil Spill Kit 120 is primarily for outdoor use for dealing with oil, hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquids spills. Ideal for use:

  • waste oil collection points
  • bulk fuel and oil storage
  • fuel delivery points
  • near high risk areas such as rivers and canals.

However, due to its size, shape and portability, this is an ideal spill kit for internal use and anywhere where volumes of liquids are stored, delivered or received. 

Container: Heavy-duty, UV stabilised highly visible, waterproof container.

Spill kit contents

  • 50 oil absorbent pads 
  • 5 oil absorbent socks 
  • 2 oil absorbent socks 
  • 3 oil absorbent cushions 
  • 4 disposal bags and ties

Size: 48cm x 55cm x 93cm
Absorbency: 112 - 134 litres