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Offer 3 - The Deep Clean


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Looking for a deep clean? This bundle is perfect for getting rid of all that thick dirt and grime without breaking a sweat. 

Inside you get: 

5L Wheel Cleaner Super - Leave a streak free finish on your wheels. No need to worry about buffing them to a shine! Just spray on our wheel cleaner, agitate them if there is very thick dirt and wash off! Cleaning your wheels will never be a chore again.

5L Snowstorm TFR Maxi Mousse - Remove dirt and grime with ease with our new and improved Snowstorm Maxi Mousse. We have created a brushless cleaning system that is as easy as spray on, wash off and done. 

✅Does not leave water blemishes on vehicle paint work.

✅Removes thick dirt and grime without touching the paintwork.

✅Safe on cars, vans, trucks.

✅Can be diluted at 1:4 through a foaming bottle.