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Ceramic Glass Protection Kit


Customer Services: 01634 245666

Everything you need to clean, seal and protect your windows for the next 6 months,  whilst adding unrivalled water beading to your vehicle.

Included In This Kit Is: 

100ml Ceramic Topper - RRP. £13.00

Instantly add an extra layer of ceramic protection with advanced water beading capabilities to your glass and paintwork with Ceramic Topper. Essential for increasing visibility in the winter months and repelling dirt, keeping your car looking cleaner for longer.

1L Glass Cleaner OTL - RRP. £9.99

Cut through dirt and grime with our highly concentrated alcohol-based cleaner, with our added anti-smear OTL formula. Specially formulated to create a clean, smear-free finish to all glass and mirrors. A must-have in your detailing kit.

IK Multi TR - RRP. £8.45

The ideal tool for any cleaning work, optimal for spraying a wide variety of chemicals such as Traffic Film Removers, neutral products such as glass cleaners, rinse aids and more. 

5 X Microfibre Glass Cloths - RRP. £6.50

 The ideal glass cloths to leave a streak-free finish at all times.