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Regular Concentrated Screenwash


Customer Services: 01634 245666

Jennychem Regular Concentrated Screenwash is an anti-smear screenwash that is Ideal for winter weather up to -12 degrees. 

This product is perfect for all seasons use and can be diluted to suit all seasons. Providing excellent cleaning performance, this product is formulated to effectively remove insect smear, salt, and traffic film with ease and without damaging your wiper blades or rubber seals. Freezing down to -12 degrees. 

1000L IBC's come with the IBC Free on loan - No deposit is needed. 

Directions for Use

Autumn/Summer: 1:5

Winter: 50/50

Simply apply the correct dilution ratio and pour the solution into your washer bottle. Store upright when not in use. 

Made By Jennychem In the UK