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10L Anti Bacterial Virus Inhibitor For SaniArch Sanitising System

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Formulated in response to the focus on hygiene in areas where infection through cross contamination is an issue.

This is a fully approved “leave on skin” sanitiser approved under the Cosmetic Products (safety) Regulations 2008 & EU Regulation EC No. 1223/2009.  Proven to be safe and effective with over a decade of use in Healthcare Establishments, Institutions, schools, offices and shops etc.


·       Contains bactericides well known to kill a wide range of bacteria, moulds & enveloped viruses

·       Non tainting - unperfumed

·       Kind to the skin

·       No need to wipe dry

·       Pleasant and easy to use

·       Leaves skin and surfaces 99.999% germ free

·       Contains emollients and soothing Aloe Vera to help keep skin soft

·       Free from harsh chemicals

·       Extremely cost-effective coverage

·       Effective almost immediately with long lasting residual action

·       Proven clinical trials