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Adblue 1000L IBC (IBC Free On Loan)


Customer Services: 01634 245666

Jennychem AdBlue is a light colourless 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro IV Euro V & Euro VI trucks. Reduces environmental impact through reduced emissions.

Complies with DIN700070 & ISO 22241 specifications. All trucks and buses registered after October 2006 must be Euro IV, Euro V or Euro VI compliant and most will require AdBlue.

Forklift Required On Delivery


No deposit is required; Our price includes delivery and collection of the product and IBC. 

All Adblue IBC's are on loan for a 3 month period and must be made available for collection in good condition once emptied or the loan period ends (whichever comes sooner). If you need the IBC for an extended period please just contact the office to discuss this with them.

Our Adblue IBCs come with a bottom outlet that can be used with a 4-meter long AdBlue dispensing kit. We can also supply tanks with a top outlet CDS fitting for customers who use an electric pump. But please specify this when ordering if this IBC tank is required.

Independent testing to ISO 22241

Our Adblue is manufactured by a leading approved manufacturer it is the complete AdBlue® solution for operators of diesel engines vehicles and machinery in the UK. AdBlue® is used to remove harmful Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions from the exhaust gas of diesel engines which are fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment systems.

  • Largest AdBlue® production sites in the UK

  • National delivery 

  • Direct access to a supply

  • Guaranteed quality to the ISO22241 standard

  • Every batch independently tested before release by our team

Free delivery in 3-5 working days

What is Adblue 1000l?

AdBlue 1000l is a clear fluid made up of a mix of urea and deionized water which is squirted into the exhaust system, helping to reduce the harmful nitrous oxide emissions produced by diesel engines. With car manufacturers having to adhere to ever more stringent emissions targets, AdBlue is vital to make sure diesel cars pass tests and produce less harmful pollution.