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Windscreen De-Icer

  • Frost Fighter De-Icer 500ml - JENNYCHEM

    Frost Fighter De-Icer

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    Wave goodbye to winter’s icy grip with Frost Fighter, our industrial concentrated de-icer. This high performance formula rapidly melts ice and frost from vehicle windows and locks.  Ideal for weather conditions down to -9°C. Ensuring you can safely embark on your journey, with crystal clear visibility and peace of mind when driving.

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Windscreen De-Icer FAQ's

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Quickly and Easily De-Ice Your Vehicle With Our Windscreen Defroster!

The UK's freezing winters pose a serious challenge for those with a daily commute. A frosty windscreen is more than just a morning inconvenience - it's a safety hazard

Picture this: you're running late, the car is covered in ice, and visibility is next to none. Many face the risky decision of driving with a partially thawed windscreen, compromising safety. 

Thus, the need for a quick and efficient windscreen de is not just a matter of comfort. It’s essential for ensuring safe and clear visibility for every journey.

That’s why we’ve worked to develop a solution that can effortlessly cut through the frost, offering you a clear view in minutes. Our windscreen defroster is specifically designed for tough UK winters, crafted to make your mornings safer and more convenient.

Why Our Windscreen De-Icer is a Great Investment for the Harsh UK Winters

Jennychem brings more than 35 years of commitment to quality and innovation. While you may know us primarily for car cleaning products, we’re proud to present Frost Fighter - a high-performance, industrial-concentrated de-icer. 

This formidable formula is tailored to rapidly melt away ice and frost from vehicle windows and locks, ensuring your safety on winter roads. Here’s what makes it a must-have in your morning routine for those freezing UK winters:

  • Fast-Acting Formula: It works swiftly, dissolving ice, frost, and even snow on contact. This reduces your waiting time in the cold, swiftly preparing your vehicle for the journey ahead.
  • Preventive Action: Regular use not only clears current frost but also helps prevent re-freezing. This means your vehicle stays ready for immediate use, even in the coldest conditions.
  • Surface Safe: We've formulated our windscreen de-icer to be gentle on various surfaces including glass, metal, and car paint. It efficiently de-ices without causing corrosion or damage.
  • Concentrated Strength: Adapt the potency of Frost Fighter to match the severity of winter conditions. Whether it's a light frost or a thick layer of ice, our de-icer can be customized for maximum efficiency.

Perhaps the best part is how simple and straightforward using the product is, speeding up your morning routine and ensuring you arrive on time, no matter where you’re headed.

Simply mix 1 part Frost Fighter with 2 parts water, or use it undiluted in severe freezes. Then, spray the product onto your windscreen and other windows. You can even apply a small amount to a pipette or dab the spray nozzle on keyholes for frozen car locks.

Give it a few minutes to work its magic as our windscreen defroster works to break down the ice. Then, activate your wipers or use a scraper to effortlessly reveal a visible windscreen! It’s really that easy. You can even apply a bit overnight to prevent morning freezes.

Don’t Wait for Your Windscreen to Thaw or Risk Unsafe Driving Conditions - Get Your Windscreen Defroster Today!

Winter mornings no longer need to be a battle against the ice. Our windscreen de-icer offers not just clear visibility but peace of mind, ensuring you can safely embark on your journey regardless of the weather.

You can also find all the other winter essentials you need at Jennychem. Maybe you want to keep your walkways, driveway, or steps safe - we’ve got you covered with our premium salt spreaders and de-icing salt. We also have antifreeze for car and antifreeze screenwash, along with a wide variety of other vehicle maintenance essentials:

So, invest in your safety and convenience this winter with Jennychem today. Say goodbye to long waits and hazardous driving conditions, and welcome a winter of clear, safe journeys!