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Vikan Brushes

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Get Your Car Sparkling Clean with a Vikan Brush

Vikan is a leading maker of cleaning brushes and other tools for washing different car parts. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, Jenny Chem is the leading supplier of Vikan brushes in the UK.

As one of the top Vikan brush suppliers, we can guarantee original products.

Our Vikan brush collection includes tools with solid, soft bristles and long handles to reach the complicated parts of your vehicle.

We’re always looking to provide maximum value for money. That’s why we also stock Kanzle pressure washers and car snow foams to use alongside a Vikan brush.

Our Vikan Brush Options

The average Vikan cleaning brush is hugely versatile, finding application in different car detailing processes. And JennyChem is one of the Vikan brush suppliers with an extensive collection to match all your needs.

In addition to car shampoos and car ceramic coating, we deliver the following Vikan brushes in the UK:

  • Detail brush
  • Hi-lo brush
  • Long-handled vehicle brush
  • Squeegee
  • Wheel brush
  • Telescopic handle brush

We also deliver vehicle wheel cleaners and vehicle screen wash to give your car the comprehensive cleaning it deserves. Shop our extensive collection today!