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Spill Kits & Spillage Control

  • Spil-Dri Spill Absorbent Granules 20kg  - JENNYCHEM

    Spil-Dri Spill Absorbent Granules 20kg

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    SPIL-DRI is a highly absorbent mineral in granular form which offers a fast, clean and safe method of removing all liquid spillages. It is far superior to common sawdust, as it is chemically inert and does not support combustion. Has good resistance to traffic with its high stability Medium bulk density Medium absorbency 100% recycled material

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Spill Kits & Spillage Control FAQ's

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Our range of Emergency Response Spill kits are designed to allow you to effectively respond to any oil, chemical or general fluid spill on site, land and water.

We offer a full range to help you meet EA guidelines and legislation and assist with ISO 14001 compliance.

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  • Oil spill kits
  • Chemical spill kits
  • Maintenance spill kits
  • Anti-static spill kits