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Total Weed Killer


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Method of use

For best results use product neat or 50:50 with water. For most economical use dilute product 1:3 with water and apply using a garden pump-up sprayer or directly to the roots via a watering can.

Do not apply when flowering weeds are present. Direct spray away from ponds and other surface water bodies. Do not empty into drains. Allow spray to dry before walking or playing on treated areas.


5 litres of weed killer is sufficient to treat approx. 450 sq. meters.

Where to use

Controls most weeds around the garden, e.g. gravel areas, paths, drives, hard surfaces, patios, tarmac, along fences and edging lawns.

Can be used to clean up weedy ground before planting vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees, and to renovate overgrown areas.

How often to apply

  • Use in March to October when weeds are actively growing
  • For best results apply near the root of the weed 
  • Apply when it is not windy to avoid spraying onto other plants
  • Repeat after 7 days if any re-growth occurs


  • Read carefully the instructions on the label
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not eat or smoke whilst using this product to avoid consuming the product.


It will inhibit re growth for approximately 6 months. Kills all green plant growth including lawn grass. Do not apply to lawns and plants you want to keep.

Contains Acetic Acid <10%

Contains no Glyphosate

    Makes Removing Weeds Easy Again

    This product has been designed to get right to the root in order to effectively kill the weeds and root at hand so they won't return. Helping to bring your garden/patio back to life.