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Professional Total Weed Killer


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This product DOES NOT contain Glyphosphate. This product is a Professional Proprietary Acetic Acid Blend.

We tested over 50 different formulas to make the strongest and most effective weedkiller that can tackle any weed

This extra-strong formula is powerful enough to kill off any perennial or annual weed. It’s suitable for use on common weeds like dandelions as well as more dangerous ones such as Japanese knotweed, oxtails, horsetail, ivy, nettles, and more.

Highly Concentrated Formula

Our highly concentrated formula means a single 5L bottle can be diluted down to cover a massive area. Making it the weed killer of choice for professionals or for those with large gardens.

For a general use, use at 1:3.  This product can be applied by using a pump sprayer or applied directly to the roots using a watering can. 

5L of Weed Killer is sufficient to treat approx. 50sqm 

If you’re dealing with particularly aggressive weeds like Japanese knotweed, you can simply mix a stronger dilution.

Each bottle comes with instructions which include recommended dilution guidelines.

  • Keep away from animals and children.

Makes Removing Weeds Easy Again

This product has been designed to get right to the root in order to effectively kill the weeds and root at hand so they won't return. Helping to bring your garden/patio back to life.