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  • Screenwash Super Concentrated 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Screenwash Super Concentrated

    Jennychem Screenwash Super Concentrated is a highly concentrated anti-smear screenwash that is Ideal for winter weather. This product is perfect fo...

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  • Ready To Use Screenwash 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Ready To Use Screenwash

    Jennychem All Seasons Ready To Use Screenwash is blended from a concentrated high power formula and ready mixed with water for convenience. Design...

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  • Arctic Extreme Winter Concentrated Screenwash 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Arctic Extreme Winter Concentrated Screenwash

    Formulated to withstand temperatures up to -25 degrees our Extreme Winter Screenwash is one of the most concentrated on the market.  This product i...

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  • Regular Concentrated Screenwash 25LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Regular Concentrated Screenwash

    Jennychem Regular Concentrated Screenwash is an anti-smear screenwash that is Ideal for winter weather up to -12 degrees.  This product is perfect ...

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Use Screenwash to Keep Your Windscreen Clean and Gleaming

Have you ever tried to drive your vehicle through the pouring rain or through a cloud of dusty? If you have, you know just how important screenwash can be.

A screen cleaner can help you keep your car, truck, or lorry’s windscreen clean regardless of the weather conditions or the area you’re in. This solution takes care of everything from mud, dust, and dirt to heavy rains and sun dazzle. It also ensures that you can continue to drive your vehicle safely and without worry.

Despite this, most drivers don’t understand just how important the screen cleaner is to keep your car clean and safe. It’s tempting to think about saving money and choose to use water or washing up liquid instead of a proper screenwash. This, however, is a bad idea for several reasons:

Screenwash vs Water

One of the biggest advantages that screen cleaner has over water is in how it reacts to the cold. When temperatures get below freezing, water freezes into ice.

Screen cleaner, on the other hand, contains antifreeze. This means that you don’t have to worry about it turning solid and damaging the wash reservoir or jets. If you choose to go with water and try to spray the wash without realizing that it has frozen, you will need to spend money to repair the resulting damage.

Furthermore, most screen cleaners are made of methanol and other alcohols, like ethyl glycol. These ingredients mean that, unlike water, screenwash can easily and quickly clean even the most stubborn dirt and grime that gather on your windshields.

Screen cleaner vs Washing-Up Liquid

Besides water, another common alternative that people use instead of a screen cleaner is washing-up liquid or another household cleaner. However, these products can cause lasting damage to your car, truck, or lorry.

This is because household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the paint of the vehicle and other metallic surfaces as well. Furthermore, like water, they also freeze in low temperatures. This risks damaging your vehicle further.

Finally, when used, they produce copious amounts of foam. The aim of any good screen cleaner is to remove dirt and grime so that it is easier for you to see. However, the foam that household cleaners produce contributes to lowering visibility.

Why Using Screenwash is Important

Now that you know why screenwash is the right choice over water and household cleaners, you should also understand why using screenwash is important.

Screen cleaners help getting rid of dust and grime from your windshields. However, they also have several other advantages:

  • Reduces sun dazzle: This occurs when the sun shines on the small particles of dust on your windshield. It can reduce visibility despite there being no obvious dirt and grime on your windscreen. Screen cleaners can help reduce sun dazzle by making sure your windscreen is clean.
  • Legal requirement: If your windscreen is dirty and grimy, you will have reduced visibility. This reduced visibility can be considered a dangerous condition. This means you can be pulled over for driving dangerously if your windshield is not clean.
  • Keeps your vehicle in top condition: With screen cleaners, you don’t need to worry about damage to the paint or the internal components of your car, truck, or lorry. These products have been specifically formulated for use in vehicles, so there’s no worry about damaging your vehicle by using them.
  • Increases visibility: Due to the specificity of screen wash, its job is to ensure a clean and clear outlook of your windshield. Screenwash does not smear no matter how dense the impurity on your windscreen may be. It greatly enhances visibility at a moment’s notice if you get a sudden splash of mud or any other stain that can suddenly blur your vision.
  • It deters freezing: As highlighted earlier, windshield washer fluid contains antifreeze that keeps it from freezing over on your windshield and obscuring your vision. No matter how cold the night gets, the screenwash will not turn frosty and will always leave your windshield sparkling.
  • Protection against sudden accidents: Picture yourself speeding on the Autobahn, and then a swarm of insects smash onto your windscreen. You won’t have to stop your car to deal with the mess — a simple squirt of washer fluid will eliminate the sudden mess and keep you going.

Common Myths about Screen Wash

As with any topic or subject matter, there are always conflicting opinions. The same applies to car screen wash. Due to the cost of these screen wash concentrates, people tend to go for cheaper alternatives instead. In addition to cost, choosing cheaper alternatives happens because some hold on to certain beliefs about windscreen washers that are not true in reality.

  • Ready to Use screenwash is a sham: A popular myth surrounding ready to use washer fluid car products is that they do not live up to expectations. However, this is not the case because these ready to use screenwash products are made and mixed by professionals. It may cost more to purchase a ready to use washer fluid, but it’ll serve you for longer. Furthermore, making your own screen wash may be cheaper, but you run the risk of making it too strong or weak. Poor concentration can damage vinyl or car ceramic coating.
  • Antifreeze in screenwash is the same as coolant antifreeze: You’ll be surprised at how often people confuse these two products. Traditionally, windscreen washer fluid contains antifreeze which keeps it from freezing when applied on your windshield. You can also purchase specific winter screen wash for extremely harsh regions. On the other hand, coolant antifreeze helps to protect the internal engine of your car from freezing over.
  • Screenwash isn’t necessary during summer: Whereas winter screenwash is typically essential during the winter periods, this doesn’t make it obsolete in the summertime. Windscreen fluid is essential for any impromptu mess that may occur on your windshield. The summer period brings insects, dust, and sun dazzle. Don’t take your chances with the warm weather. Make sure to install a car windshield fluid at all times.

Refilling your Screen Wash Reservoir

The tank holding your car windshield fluid isn’t infinite. Sooner or later, its content will run out, and you’ll need to replenish its reservoir with more screen wash. Here is a breakdown of how to go about refilling the car screen wash reservoir.

  • Get some high-grade windscreen washer fluid, either in concentrated or ready-to-use form. If you're using concentrated, make sure you're using the right water and screen wash ratio for the season. Depending on the container your selected product comes in, you may additionally want a funnel to assist with pouring the windscreen washer liquid in.
  • Remove the hood and look for the reservoir cap that keeps the windscreen washer fluid intact. It’s usually blue and has a windshield symbol on top. Pour the screenwash concentrate in by flipping open the cap and holding the lid out of the way.
  • Fill the screen wash reservoir entirely. Depending on the product you're using, you may need to wait for some bubbling to dissipate before continuing to pour. Because the hose connected to the reservoir is usually semi-transparent, you should be able to see when it's almost full. You’ll be able to enjoy a windscreen fluid wash any time you need it.

By now, you can understand the importance of washer fluid for your car. The regular use of screen wash will keep your vehicle looking spick and span. Screen wash is on a list of essential car detailing products to own.

Additionally, do not forget to combine car windshield fluid with other car care products like car shampoos and car interior cleaning products. The combination of car cleaning products will significantly boost the longevity of your car.

Screen wash isn’t exclusive to small cars. Large vehicles can enjoy the sparkling results of combining caravan cleaners with a screenwash.

Now that you have taken care of the body and screen, don’t neglect your tyres as well. Look through our car care selections today! We offer alloy wheel cleaners for your tyres and snow foam for your rims.