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Kranzle Pressure Washer - HD 10/122


Customer Services: 01634 245666

Distinguished by their convenient and compact design as well as by their robust suitability for everyday use. They come in two different performance categories:

The slower running versions offering maximum durability with lower water flow consumption and the ability to draw water from a static source; with the higher water volume output versions offering more power.

Constructed with a solid forged special brass pump, heavy duty induction motor and stainless-steel water bearing parts - these are intended for intensive use, year after year.

Product characteristics:

  • Convenient, space-saving & compact design
  • Trigger gun with safety catch M2000
  • 10 m high-pressure hose
  • Stainless steel lance with spray nozzle
  • Dirtkiller lance, optionally
  • Can withstand voltage fluctuations
  • 5 m power lead with molded UK 3-pin plug
  • Quiet and dur
  • 120 Bar Pressure 
  • 10 l/min Flow