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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

  • Kranzle Ventos 32 L/PC Wet & Dry Vacuum  - JENNYCHEM

    Kranzle Ventos 32 L/PC Wet & Dry Vacuum

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    The New Generation Ventos Vacuum Cleaner. Maximum usable volume:The cutting-edge construction processes maximise the available container capacity for using a filter bag. The bag can use much more of the space inside the container compared to the filter bags of similar machines. Electronically adjustable suction control:The suction power control allows the suction to be adjusted to the required level. This makes it impossible for nozzles or power tools to "stick" to smooth surfaces due to too much suction. Neat and sturdy arrangement:The compact structure with its low centre of gravity guarantees a firm foothold even on rough surfaces and during transport in vehicles. The compact design with on-board accessory storage is easy to manoeuvre even carrying on scaffoldings and stairs. May have Euro Type Mains Plug as standard and will come with adaptors

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  • Numatic CTD570 - Twin Motor Wet/Dry Full Valet Machine  - JENNYCHEM

    Numatic CTD570 - Twin Motor Wet/Dry Full Valet Machine

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    he 570 series has become the most popular contractors’ extraction cleaner by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design.The full Structofoam construction is designed to take the bangs and bruises that any machine will suffer in true commercial use because that’s what you need - a machine that’s construction is beyond reproach and will give you years of reliable service.The Structofoam 570 is available in both one and two-motored models built to the full Twinflo’ specification and incorporating our Powerflo’ pump and quick connect liquid system.The containers are also full Structofoam incorporating our unique “tank within a tank” system to maintain a compact and usable size.The full accessory kit provides for both carpet and upholstery cleaning with optional additional accessories for hard floor, wet or dry pick-up facilities.• Compact & Convenient - Wet, spray extraction for carpets, upholstery and valeting.• Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structofoam construction to endure years of industrial use.• Handy Cable Replacement - Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.• Professional & Efficient - Long-life TwinFlo bypass motor and Powerflo’ pump system.• Ready for Anything - Easy to store and always on hand, ready for anything.

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  • Numatic George Wet and Dry Vacuum  - JENNYCHEM

    Numatic George Wet and Dry Vacuum

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    The true "all in one" machine that is totally at home be it in the wet or the dry. This classic "all in one" is genuinely the family friend, dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, scrubbing and drying hard floors, deep cleaning the carpet, cleaning the upholstery, unblocking the sink, you name it, George is your man. The combination of our highly efficient Twinflo' bypass vacuum motor and our powerflo' pump system provides you with professional cleaning standards, anytime, anywhere, ensuring exceptional results. The George design is in itself based entirely on our Cleantec professional range of machines; designed to work extensively and for long hours and functioning to a professional standard. When it comes to dry vacuuming you have big filters, use of Hepaflo dust bags, and you have a superb combination floor nozzle. In the wet mode, a simple exchange of the dry filter for the safety float valve allows any number of wet tasks to be achieved.• TriTex Filtration - TriTex filtration system improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity.• Carry Handle - Convenient carry handle.• HepaFlo Bags - Easy to change HepaFlo bags. NVM-2BH pack of 10 PN:604016• Professional Accessories - Wet and dry accessory kit A26A with stainless steel tube set.• Quick Change - Quick easy change between wet and dry system.• Tank Within a Tank - Simple, clean and efficient. This unique design allows an easy to fill and quick to change system.

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  • Numatic Vacuum Cleaner 6L HENRY - JENNYCHEM

    Numatic Vacuum Cleaner 6L

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    WANT much more than just a smiley face? Henry and Hetty brings professional cleaning to all and is packed full of innovative features.Henry’s cable and storage rewind system is a work of art, trouble free and spring free and it keeps everything neat and tidy. Professional specification brings a 10m power cable and 6L drum capacity, keeping you cleaning for longer. When he’s finished Henry packs away nicely with on-board wand and floor-tool storage. • Energy efficient - A rated. • High Efficiency Motor - Numatic high efficiency long life motor.• 10 Metre Cable - Easy reach, 10 metre cable and rewind storage system.• TriTex Filtration System - Improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity.• Wand Docking - Convenient, on-board wand docking storage.• HepaFlo - Easy to change high efficiency HepaFlo bags.• Professional Accessory Set - A tool for every job, full accessory kit AS1 with stainless steel tube set.

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    ISSA 640 3 MOTOR VACUUM CLEANER 78ltr Wet and 55ltr Dry Capacity 3 x 1200 Watt Motors Chrome plated steel tank 230V HEPA Filter available for this model. Meets standards required by most trades. Standard Features 38mm Hose diameter Polypropylene Bumper skirt Mounted on tipping trolley 10mtr power cable - 2.5mtr suction hose Length of cable/suction hose can be altered to suit Complete with wet & dry tools 28kg Motor Power 3 x 1200 Watt Motors Machine Type Vacuum Cleaner Number Vacuum Motors 3 Product Weight 28kg Power 230v Tank Capacity 78ltr Dry, 55Ltr Wet Tank Material Chrome Plated Steel

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    Jennychem Industrial wet/dry Vacuum - 3 Motor  3x1200 watt Amtec motors with 3-metre vacuum hose. 7-metre electric cable 60Ltr tank capacity

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners FAQ's

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Elevate Your Cleaning Process With the Power and Efficiency of an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner at Jennychem!

Cleaning power and efficiency are non-negotiable in industrial settings. This is where an industrial vacuum cleaner, often referred to as an industrial hoover, becomes indispensable. 

Such a tool is key to unlocking an effortless and thorough cleaning process. These can conquer dry and wet messes alike, helping you streamline your cleaning process to accomplish more in less time.

However, the market is flooded with options, making it difficult to pick the perfect solution amidst a sea of choices. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate the finest heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, ensuring that your decision is both easy and sound. 

Backed by three decades of experience, you can rest assured you’re getting the quality cleaning equipment you deserve! Shop now or reach out for a personalised recommendation. 

Why Buy an Industrial Hoover at Jennychem?

Jennychem is a family-owned brand committed to elevating your cleaning process, whether it’s a valeting facility or a manufacturing plant. We’ve carefully vetted the products on this page to ensure you have access to the most reliable, efficient heavy-duty vacuum cleaner selection possible.

Our range includes models from renowned brands like Kranzle and Numatic, as well as our own expertly designed industrial wet/dry vac. Each is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, offering longevity and reliability.

Our industrial hoover selection is equipped with the latest in cleaning technology, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Not sure which is right for you? Here are three of our most popular models:

  • Kranzle Ventos 32 L/PC Wet & Dry Vacuum: This new generation vacuum cleaner is known for its maximum usable volume, electronically adjustable suction control for versatile cleaning, and a compact, sturdy design that ensures stability and ease of transport. Practical features like an accessory bracket, ergonomically shaped carry handle, and device socket with auto-deactivation make it an excellent choice for professional settings.
  • Numatic CTD570 - Twin Motor Wet/Dry Full Valet Machine: Recognized for its robust Structofoam construction, this machine is designed for the challenges of commercial use. It features the Twinflo’ motor and Powerflo’ pump system for superior performance. The versatile accessory kit and the “tank within a tank” design make it ideal for a range of cleaning tasks, from carpet and upholstery to hard floors.
  • Numatic George Wet and Dry Vacuum: Known as the “all-in-one” machine, George excels in various tasks including dry and wet vacuuming, scrubbing, and drying. It’s built on the Cleantec professional range and includes features like TriTex Filtration, HepaFlo bags, a convenient carry handle, and a quick change system between wet and dry modes, making it versatile and reliable for diverse cleaning needs.

Whatever your cleaning needs may be, you can rest assured the perfect solution is a click away at Jennychem! So, what’s holding you back from investing in a better cleaning solution today?

Invest in Unparalleled Cleaning Efficiency With a Heavy-Duty Vacuum Cleaner at Jennychem Today!

Elevating your cleaning process to the next level requires the right tools. With Jennychem's range of industrial vacuum cleaner selection, you’re gaining a solution that brings efficiency, durability, and versatility to your cleaning routine.

You can source all the other industrial cleaning products you need here at Jennychem as well. Whether you’re on the hunt for an industrial pressure washer such as the highly-touted Kranzle pressure washer series or professional car cleaning products, like car snow foam or car wash soap, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also got fogging machines, IK sprayers, screenwash, strong weed killer, AD Blue for sale, and much more. But, you came here for an industrial hoover - and with the best selection in the UK just a click away, there’s just one thing left to do. Find the perfect industrial vacuum cleaner today and invest in unparalleled cleaning efficiency at Jennychem!