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Cold Water Pressure Washers

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There are many ways to keep your car clean and neat. A cold water pressure cleaner is a top choice for keeping any vehicle in great condition. It utilises high pressure to blast away dirt and grime that lie on the surface and within the corners of your car.

A cold water pressure washer eases the stress of scrubbing your car with a brush. It’s easy and quick to use and will save you time. Vehicle owners can use a cold water pressure cleaner with cleaning products like traffic film removers and snow foams.

Here at JennyChem, we provide varied high-quality cold water pressure washers and other pressure washer accessories. As the premier supplier of cold water pressure cleaners in the UK, we have options to suit every budget and vehicle cleaning need.

Why You Should Use a Cold Water Pressure Cleaner

When you choose any of our cold water pressure cleaners, you can expect to enjoy the following:


Right out of the gate, the main advantage of using a cold water pressure cleaner is the long term savings in cost.

Car shampoo may get the job done at a relatively cheaper cost. Now imagine using it in tandem with a cold water pressure washer. With a cold water pressure cleaner, you can reduce the number of washes needed to keep your car in prime condition.

Simple Design and Easy DIY Repairs

The mechanism of cold water pressure cleaners available in the UK is straightforward. The engine features a plain adjustable design. There is no complex inner working that may appear cumbersome to the average vehicle owner. It’s also very self-explanatory to operate.

Scratch Avoidance

When using other conventional means to clean your car (like scrubbing), you may scratch the car ceramic coating, leaving it with an unpleasant blemish. Cold water pressure cleaner can remove stains from your car without scraping the surface of your car.

Precision Cleaning

You can also use a cold water pressure cleaner and wheel cleaners to achieve better results. The cold water pressure cleaner features a nozzle that helps to direct the water to the particular spot you need to clean. You can point the nozzle at the hard to reach corners of your tyres and flush out hidden debris from within your rims.

Easy on Delicate Materials

Hot water is known to be fiercer against oils and grease. However, the high temperature may be detrimental to the surface of certain plastics or wooden pieces. A cold water pressure cleaner can easily clean delicate parts of your cars without warping or melting them.

You can go one step further by adding detergent to the pressure cleaner to improve its cleaning power. Another option is to use Kranzle pressure washers with cold water functions to gain efficient and precise washes.

Great for Fleet Vehicles and Caravans

Caravan cleaners can do a lot for your caravan, but it requires manual input. A cold water pressure cleaner can reduce the time it takes to wash the large areas of the caravan. Furthermore, due to the time-saving properties of the pressure cleaner, it’s ideal for washing many fleet cars in one go.

There are so many benefits to using any one of our long-lasting pressure washers. You may have to change your vehicle, but you won’t be buying any new pressure washers anytime soon.