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Car Wash & Detailing Buckets

  • 2 X 20L Detailing Buckets + 2 X Grit Guards  - JENNYCHEM

    2 X 20L Detailing Buckets + 2 X Grit Guards

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    The perfect solution to help prevent mitt or cloth contamination of grit before using on vehicle bodywork. Helping to reduce swirl marks and scratches on your paintwork when carrying out your maintenance washes.  Included inside is 2 X Strong and versatile large buckets, with a plastic lid and 2X Grit Guards.  

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  • 20L Detailing Bucket  - JENNYCHEM

    20L Detailing Bucket

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      Strong and versatile large detailing bucket, with plastic lid.

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  • Jennychem Grit Guard  - JENNYCHEM

    Jennychem Grit Guard

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      Fits most 20 - 25L valeters pails and larger heavy duty 15 L buckets with wide bottom. To prevent sponge, chamois or cloth contamination of grit before using on vehicle bodywork.

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  • Black Builders Bucket - 15lt  - JENNYCHEM

    Black Builders Bucket - 15lt

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    Black Builders Bucket Heavy Duty Deluxe Bucket Strong handled grip and tipping lid  Multi use Robust, Strong Handle Perfect washing bucket

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  • 20L Bucket With Handle & Lid  - JENNYCHEM

    20L Bucket With Handle & Lid

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    Strong and versatile large bucket, with plastic lid.

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  • 22.9l UN Approved SuperSafe Bucket With Lid  - JENNYCHEM

    22.9l UN Approved SuperSafe Bucket With Lid

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    UN approvals group II and III in solids or liquids Less noise on filling lines Lighter weight for easy handling and transportation Harmonised packaging design 100% liquid tight Specs: Brimful / Flush Fill Volume 23.7 l, Capacity / Volume 22.9 l, Diameter 300 mm,Height 422 mm, Material HDPE, PEHD, Shape Round, Weight 942.5 g

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Car Wash & Detailing Buckets FAQ's

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It sounds so simple…but the right car wash bucket can revolutionise your vehicle detailing process. So, whether you’re just starting to wash your own car or you’re ready to optimise your existing process, explore our range of quality car detailing buckets at Jennychem!

Optimise Your Detailing Process With a Car Wash Bucket by Jennychem!

In the intricate world of vehicle detailing, tools matter as much as the techniques. Whether you're an enthusiastic home detailer or a professional in the field, a high-quality car wash bucket is the cornerstone of any effective cleaning regimen. 

At Jennychem, we understand your desires and the challenges that arise in the detailing process. Grit contamination, swirl marks, and scratches can become your worst enemies, leaving you frustrated and compromising your vehicle's shine.

However, with a premium car cleaning bucket from Jennychem, you can transform your detailing process, taking it from a labour-intensive task to an enjoyable and satisfying activity. You can get ready to wash, rinse, and repeat with ease, ensuring that your vehicle gets the tender loving care it deserves.

What Makes Our Detailing Bucket Collection the Premiere Choice in the UK?

The sheer quality and thoughtfulness behind our detailing bucket collection are what set us apart. We recognise that a car wash bucket isn't merely a container - it's a specialised tool integral to your vehicle's maintenance

Each component of our bucket collection has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to serve a specific purpose and improve your car cleaning process. Our buckets are also sturdy and durable, ensuring longevity despite regular use, while their generous capacity makes them ideal for cleaning even the largest vehicles without constant refilling. 

The accompanying plastic lids prevent debris and contaminants from entering the buckets when not in use, maintaining the integrity of your cleaning solution and resulting in a dazzling sparkle every time you clean your car.

However, the real game-changer is our innovative Grit Guards. These unique devices sit at the bottom of your car cleaning bucket, creating a barrier that separates the grit and dirt from your wash mitt or cloth. 

As you rinse your cleaning tools in the bucket, the abrasive particles settle beneath the Grit Guard, effectively isolating them and preventing re-contamination. The result? A dramatic reduction in swirl marks and scratches on your paintwork, maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle.

At Jennychem, we believe that details make the difference. It's the reason our detailing buckets have been refined over time, incorporating user feedback and advancing technology, ensuring they always remain a step ahead of the rest. 

Moreover, we appreciate that every car enthusiast has unique needs, which is why we offer a range of options to suit varying detailing routines. So, why not invest in your routine today?

Get Your Car Wash Bucket and Make Detailing Quicker and Easier!

With the right tools at your disposal, car detailing can become less of a chore and more of an enjoyable routine. An investment in a high-quality car cleaning bucket from Jennychem pays dividends not just in terms of time and effort saved but also in the quality of results achieved.

We have all your other professional car cleaning products on hand as well, which include road film remover, car snow foam, car shampoo, ceramic car polish, wheel and tyre cleaner, car detailing brushes, car drying towels, car wash mitts, car wash sponges, fogging machines, and a whole lot more.

Isn't it time you optimised your car cleaning routine? With a Jennychem detailing bucket, every wash cycle will leave your car looking like it's just rolled off the showroom floor. Say goodbye to grit contamination, pesky swirl marks, and scratches. Embrace a quicker, easier, and more efficient car detailing process today!