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Car Polishing Pads

  • Cellulose Polish Applicator Sponge  - JENNYCHEM

    Cellulose Polish Applicator Sponge

    In Stock

    The Perfect Polish Applicator 15cm x 8cm x 3cm

    In Stock
  • Standard Refinishing Pads Orange (Firm) - JENNYCHEM

    Standard Refinishing Pads

    In Stock

    Standard polishing / compounding mophead Colours : Orange Firm, White Medium, Black Soft Thread size 14mm Size diameter 150mm Size depth 50mm

    In Stock
  • Sweatshirt Cloths  - JENNYCHEM

    Sweatshirt Cloths

    In Stock

    Sweatshirt Cloths Cut pieces of quality sweatshirts Ideal for workshop wipes and polishing Great value Mixed colours

    In Stock
  • Super Polishing Cloth  - JENNYCHEM

    Super Polishing Cloth

    In Stock

    Super Polishing Cloth Made from brand new spun lace. Non woven fabric. Superb for low lint wiping and polishing, grease wiping and the perfect tool for wiping for almost any job.

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    In Stock
  • Cotton Cloth 8KG - JENNYCHEM

    Cotton Cloth

    In Stock

    Cotton Cloth Pure non - linting white cotton pieces Ideal for polishing cars Pure soft white cotton

    In Stock