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Car Polishing Pads

  • Cellulose Polish Applicator Sponge  - JENNYCHEM

    Cellulose Polish Applicator Sponge

    In Stock

    The Perfect Polish Applicator 15cm x 8cm x 3cm

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  • Standard Refinishing Pads Orange (Firm) - JENNYCHEM

    Standard Refinishing Pads

    In Stock

    Standard polishing / compounding mophead Colours : Orange Firm, White Medium, Black Soft Thread size 14mm Size diameter 150mm Size depth 50mm

    In Stock
  • Sweatshirt Cloths  - JENNYCHEM

    Sweatshirt Cloths

    In Stock

    Sweatshirt Cloths Cut pieces of quality sweatshirts Ideal for workshop wipes and polishing Great value Mixed colours

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  • Cotton Cloth 8KG - JENNYCHEM

    Cotton Cloth

    In Stock

    Cotton Cloth Pure non - linting white cotton pieces Ideal for polishing cars Pure soft white cotton

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  • Super Polishing Cloth  - JENNYCHEM

    Super Polishing Cloth

    In Stock

    Super Polishing Cloth Made from brand new spun lace. Non woven fabric. Superb for low lint wiping and polishing, grease wiping and the perfect tool for wiping for almost any job.

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Car Polishing Pads FAQ's

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Reveal a Brilliant Shine With Our Car Polishing Pads at Jennychem!

Car polishing buffer pads are indispensable tools in the automotive detailing arsenal, designed to work in tandem with polishers to remove imperfections, enhance shine, and protect the vehicle's paintwork. 

These pads come in various levels of abrasiveness, from heavy cutting to fine finishing, allowing detailers to meticulously correct paintwork and achieve a mirror-like finish. 

Using the right pad is crucial for obtaining professional results, as they are engineered to distribute polishes and compounds evenly, reduce swirl marks, and deliver a smooth, gleaming surface. 

Settling for anything but the best can mean the difference between a flawless finish and a lacklustre result that could potentially damage your car's exterior. The good news? You can enjoy peace of mind shopping here at Jennychem.

What Makes Our Car Polishing Buffer Pads the #1 Choice Among Detailers and Car Enthusiasts Alike?

Jennychem stands apart in the detailing industry, not just for our extensive experience but for our relentless pursuit of perfection in every product we offer. 

Our car polishing pads are no exception, and they are favoured by detailers and car enthusiasts for their exceptional quality and durability. Each pad is carefully engineered to withstand the demands of rigorous polishing sessions while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's finish.

The Orange Firm pad is ideal for heavy compounding, effectively removing deeper scratches and oxidation. The White Medium pad balances cutting power with a smoother finish, suitable for moderate paint correction. Lastly, the Black Soft pad is perfect for final-stage polishing and wax application, providing a gentle touch that brings out a deep, lustrous shine.

We also have standard polishing solutions like our Cellulose Polish Applicator Sponge - the perfect companion for hand polishing. It offers a precise and comfortable grip for applying waxes and sealants. Measuring 15cm x 8cm x 3cm, this sponge ensures even coverage and is gentle on your car's surface.

Our Sweatshirt Cloths provide an economical option for workshop wipes and polishing tasks. Cut from quality sweatshirt material, they are soft, durable, and highly absorbent, making them ideal for a variety of uses, including applying compounds and removing excess polish. Their mixed colours offer a practical solution for organising by task or compound type.

Or, consider our Super Polishing Cloth. Made from brand-new spun lace, this non-woven fabric is superb for low-lint wiping and polishing. It excels at removing grease and is versatile enough to be the go-to tool for almost any wiping job. Its high-quality material ensures a streak-free finish on your vehicle's paintwork, glass, and interior surfaces.

With so many options at your disposal, we know it can get overwhelming picking the right solution. That’s why our customer service team is on standby ready to provide personalised guidance every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Experience How Our Car Polishing Pads Can Transform Your Detailing Process Today!

Take your car's appearance to the next level with Jennychem's premium car polishing pads. Our products are meticulously designed to deliver outstanding results, ensuring your vehicle not only shines but also receives the care it deserves. 

Looking for other professional car cleaning products? Jennychem is your one-stop shop for all things detailing. 

From the basics like car wash soap, car washing buckets, car air fresheners, car drying cloths to more advanced detailing solutions such as our wheel cleaner, snow foam, ceramic polish for cars, snow foam lances, screenwash, car dashboard cleaner, and more - we mean it when we say we’ve got everything you need to round out your car cleaning regimen.

Trust in Jennychem's expertise and experience the difference in your detailing routine. Unleash the true potential of your vehicle's finish with our car polishing buffer pads today.