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Car Chamois

  • The Magic Chamois  - JENNYCHEM

    The Magic Chamois

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    Non Woven Material 85% Viscose & 15% Polypropylene Machine washable at 40 degrees No more expensive chamois leathers, paper towels, kitchen rolls or dripping sponges! Holds many times its own weight in water without dripping. Does nor crack or split on drying – in fact it dries like a soft duster. Cuts into any shape without fraying or tearing. Hundreds of uses indoors and out…. Perfect for:- Cars – Vans – Boats – Caravans – Windows – Mirrors – Bathrooms – Condensation – Plant Feeding (use as a capillary mat) – Kitchens, Defrosting Fridges or Freezers and leaking washing machines. Removes spills or stains from carpets & upholstery. Even dries the dog! etc etc………

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  • Wholeskin Chamois Leather (Genuine)  - JENNYCHEM

    Wholeskin Chamois Leather (Genuine)

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    Wholeskin Chamois Leather  Aid the drying of paintwork These are genuine British made soft skins Easy to use  Various sizes available  These items are naturally tanned in order to absorb water and grime.

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  • Synthetic Chamois Leather (Flunkey)  - JENNYCHEM

    Synthetic Chamois Leather (Flunkey)

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    Chamois Leather  These aid the drying of paintwork, wheels etc. Leaves surfaces gleaming, sparkling and shining. Available with or without holes

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Car Chamois FAQ's

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Elevate Your Detailing Process With a Safe, Effective Jennychem Car Chamois!

Achieving that flawless, showroom finish on your car comes down to the final touches and the small, often overlooked details. That’s where the right chamois for cars comes in.

The desire for a spotless, streak-free shine is universal among car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. Yet, the fear of scratches and subpar results from low-quality drying materials can turn car cleaning into a cautious, sometimes disappointing task. 

Enter Jennychem car chamois collection - the solution to your car drying woes. With a range of styles to choose from, you're set to transform your car cleaning routine. Say goodbye to streaky paint jobs or microabrasions on your car’s surface and enjoy peace of mind with the right chamois!

Why Get a Chamois for Your Car at Jennychem?

Jennychem stands out in the car care industry not just for the quality of our products but for our commitment to customer satisfaction. As a family-run business with over 35 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and strong business relationships to the table. 

Our dedication to researching new technologies ensures that our cleaning solutions, including our car chamois range, offer the best results your money can buy. We’ve curated 3 great choices for anyone looking to enhance their car care regimen:

  • The Magic Chamois: This non-woven material blend of 85% Viscose & 15% Polypropylene is machine washable and incredibly versatile. Ideal for cars, vans, boats, and even household tasks, the Magic Chamois is a durable, multi-purpose tool that makes cleaning and drying more efficient than ever.
  • Wholeskin Chamois Leather (Genuine): For those who prefer a traditional touch, our genuine British-made soft skins are perfect for drying paintwork without leaving any residue or scratches.
  • Synthetic Chamois Leather (Flunkey): Offering a gleaming finish to paintwork and wheels, our Synthetic Chamois Leather is available in various sizes and with or without holes, catering to different detailing needs.

Whether you’re cleaning a fleet or your personal ride, we’re confident you’ll agree these products take things to the next level. And if you aren’t sure which is right for you or you have any other questions, our team is on standby ready to provide expert advice and personalised assistance. 

Take Your Car Cleaning to the Next Level By Ordering Your Car Chamois and Other Essentials Today!

Transform your car detailing experience with Jennychem’s car chamois. Professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike trust us for their cleaning and maintenance essentials, and you can too. With our dedication to quality and customer service, you're investing in a solution that brings out the best in your vehicle. 

But, we also have the car cleaning products you need to round out your detailing process. That includes snow foam, car shampoo, interior car cleaning products, car wash buckets, car polish ceramic, Vikan brushes, tyre cleaner, car wax, drying towels for cars, and more.

You can even source essential vehicle maintenance products here, including Ad Blue for sale, screenwash, and anti freeze for car. Find out firsthand why Jennychem is the UK’s trusted choice for all things chemical cleaning and vehicle maintenance today!