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Concentrated Longlife Red Antifreeze (BS6580)

SKU G7022X

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Our high-quality Red Antifreeze & Coolant is a powerful formulation with a 5-year advanced inhibitor package. It cleans and protects against corrosion attacks and helps preserve the non-ferrous components in your engine.

  • This product is suitable for vehicles already using Red Antifreeze. 
  • Containing 95% Mono Ethylene Glycol and 5% Corrosion Inhibitor.

This product is universal and can be used in both petrol and diesel engines including turbo-charged. 

Will it be safe for my engine?

Yes, all our antifreeze products meet internationally recognised antifreeze standards, such as ASTM D3306, a requirement of this is to be non-corrosive to common metals found within a coolant system, such as aluminium for example. 

Directions Of Use

Using a 50:50 mix this solution will protect up to -36 degrees and a 33:67 mix will protect to -20 degrees. To make sure this is the correct spec for your vehicle and for the dilution ratios please refer to your manufacturer's guidelines.