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Peek Paste - Leaves Wheels Sparkling


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Peek Paste

Peek Premium polish unsurpassed in its ability to clean, polish, deoxidize and restore all metals and more. Simple and easy to use. This can be used on: brass, copper, silver plate, sterling silver, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum,, magnesium, platinum, pewter, factory hot gun bluing, painted surfaces, glass, perspex, plastics, fiberglass, eisenglass, Peek removes tarnish, rust, water stains, chalking, lime deposits, heat discoloration, lead and powder residue, oxidation, bugs, tar, oil, fingerprints, tree sap, bird droppings, graffiti, black streaks and scuff marks off any non porous surface. Used for cleaning the yellow hazing form headlights as well as black streaks from caravans and boats. Excellent for removing oxidation from fiberglass. NSF certified, 3 airline certificates as well as holders of the Royal Warrant.