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2024 | Shampoos

  • Wash & Wax Shampoo 1 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Wash & Wax Shampoo

    In Stock

    Wash & Wax is a concentrated shampoo and wax all mixed into one solution, this dual-action formula designed to cleanse your vehicle while leaving a glossy, protective wax finish. This solution lathers extremely well over paintwork, leaving a squeaky clean finish. 

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    Super foamy shampoo

    Safe on all types of paintwork


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  • Snow Foam Shampoo 1 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Snow Foam Shampoo

    In Stock

    Our premium pH Neutral Snow Foam, designed to provide a safe, effective, and luxurious cleaning experience for your vehicle. Engineered to offer a powerful clean without compromising the integrity of your car's wax or sealant layer, the perfect choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking a gentle yet potent cleaning solution.

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    pH Neutral!

    Wax & Sealant Safe

    Dilute At 1:5

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  • Cherry Bomb Shampoo 1 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Cherry Bomb Shampoo

    In Stock

    Cherry bomb shampoo has a unique formula, making it easier for the shampoo to tackle dirt and grim. When applying the product, the super foaming solution creates a thick and rich lather. This glides across the surface of exterior panels, easily removing contaminants on contact. Leaving the vehicle with a glossy streak free finish.

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    Dilute To 100:1

    Super Foamy Formulation

    pH Neutral Product

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  • Shampoo (Concentrate) 5LTR - JENNYCHEM

    Shampoo (Concentrate)

    In Stock

    Our go-to solution for maintaining your vehicle's sparkling appearance. Designed for the car enthusiast who demands both quality and value, Vehicle Shampoo provides a thorough clean, ensuring your vehicle looks its best with every wash.

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  • High Foam Shampoo 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    High Foam Shampoo

    In Stock

    High Foam Shampoo, an advanced pH neutral formula designed to transform the way you cleanse your vehicle. Tailored for those who demand excellence and efficiency in one, this high-foaming solution encapsulates and lifts dirt and grime, ensuring a thorough clean without the harsh rubbing that can damage your vehicle's delicate finish.  

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  • Trough Shampoo 5 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Trough Shampoo

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    This shampoo produces a rich, foamy lather that clings to surfaces, ensuring deep cleaning and maximum coverage. The foaming action helps to lift and dissolve dirt, grime, and contaminants effectively.

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  • Low Foam Shampoo 20 Litre - JENNYCHEM

    Low Foam Shampoo

    In Stock

    Low Foam Shampoo, the industrial-strength cleaning solution specifically formulated for use in Venturi systems and commercial brush wash setups. Designed to meet the needs of professional car wash services, Low Foam Shampoo ensures a thorough, efficient clean, minimising foam build-up and maximising performance in high-powered, automated wash systems.

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2024 | Shampoos FAQ's

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Get Your Vehicle Sparkling Clean With the Premiere Car Shampoo in the UK!

Driving a clean, sparkling car not only enhances its aesthetics but boosts your confidence too. At Jenny Chem, we understand that desire for perfection and offer a top-tier range of car wash shampoo designed to get your vehicle shimmering with a like-new finish. 

Our car shampoo products don’t just wash your vehicle - they transform it, restoring its dazzle and leaving an inviting fragrance that completes the refreshing experience.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, either. Here’s what our awesome customers across the UK had to say after seeing what a difference our car wash soap made in their detailing process:

“Need to use very little on each wash lasts a long time, cleans car very well nice shine.” - Colin

“This product brings both our cars to a high level of cleanliness every time. Can’t fault it. So good I bought it again!!” - Mr. Sniadowski

“Lots of suds which last & very smooth to apply. Leaves hardly any watermarks with just a quick rinse off.” - David Stickings

What Makes Our Car Wash Shampoo So Special?

Jenny Chem’s car wash fliod isn’t just a cleaning product - it’s a meticulously crafted solution combining deep-cleaning capabilities and gentle care for your car’s finish. But what makes our car wash soap exceptional?

  • Efficient Deep Cleaning: Our car shampoo cleaner penetrates deep into the surface, lifting off dirt, grease, and grime, thanks to its high-quality surfactants. It ensures that every wash leaves your vehicle spotlessly clean.
  • Gentle on Car Surfaces: Despite its deep cleaning ability, our car wash liquid is gentle on your car's surface. It is pH-neutral, making it safe for all types of car coatings – vinyl, metal, or ceramic.
  • Foaming Action: The robust foaming action of our car wash soap creates a lather that covers the surface area efficiently, ensuring that every inch of your vehicle gets the cleaning attention it deserves.
  • Concentrated and Economical: Our car wash liquid is concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way, saving you money while providing exceptional results.

Plus, with so many different car wash fluids to choose from, the perfect solution is just a click away…

The Different Types of Car Wash Soap We Have to Offer

We understand that every car owner has unique needs, which is why we have developed an array of products designed for varying applications:

  • Wash & Wax Special: A superb combination of car wash shampoo and wax, this product not only deep cleans but also leaves a polished, waxed finish. Perfect for hand washing vehicles, it delivers a squeaky clean result every time.
  • Cherry Bomb Shampoo Super: Our Cherry Bomb Shampoo Super removes dirt and grime with ease, leaving a pleasing cherry fragrance after every wash. The high foaming action ensures the car wash liquid reaches every nook and cranny of your vehicle, delivering a thorough clean.
  • Hi Foam Shampoo: This thick, highly foaming detergent shampoo contains extra powerful cleaning and foaming agents, making washing your vehicle an easy task. The robust foam action gets into all crevices, ensuring a complete and deep clean.

Not sure which is right for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out and get a personalised recommendation from our world-class customer support team. Otherwise, it’s time to get the perfect car wash liquid for your unique needs!

Give Your Vehicle the Care it Deserves Using Our Car Shampoo Cleaner to Reveal a Dazzling, Like-New Finish!

Your car is more than just a transportation means – it’s an extension of you. Giving your vehicle the care it deserves means choosing a car wash soap that does more than just clean.

With Jenny Chem's car shampoo cleaner, you're not just washing your car; you're treating it to a comprehensive cleaning experience that leaves it looking like new.

Beyond our car wash shampoo, you can find all your other car detailing products here as well. That includes our snow foam, tyre cleaner, car drying towels, car wash buckets, car wash mitts, car air fresheners, and anything else you may need to take care of your vehicle - keeping it looking and performing its best.

Take your car cleaning to the next level. Choose Jenny Chem's car wash shampoo for a dazzling, like-new finish.