Firstly, TFR is an amazing cleaner and is used for so many applications. It can be used to clean your entire fleet; curtain siders, tractor units, mot cleaning, cars and for general use in the workshop. It is ideal for floor cleaning, walls, degreasing, caravans, driveways, pathways, brickwork and many other cleaning jobs around the yard and house.

Having been manufacturing Traffic Film Remover for over 30 years Jennychem has gained knowledge of how best to use this very versatile product.

TFR is always alkaline ie pH 8-14, and it needs to be alkaline in order to breakdown the acidic traffic film ie pH 1-6.

So without THE NEED FOR scrubbing TFR is designed to be sprayed on, to activate on the acidic traffic film, hold it in solution and then rinse away.

There is nothing quiet as effective as Jennychem T.F.R on the market!  All TFR’S are alkaline but some ask is it better to use caustic or non-caustic TFR

Jennychem’s TFR is a blend of 8 different ingredients including water softeners, good Chelating agents and an active alkaline ingredient. Most TFR’s contain either Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) or Sodium Metasilicate (Non Caustic) simply the sodium Metasilicate or non-caustic TFRs are milder but the sodium hydroxide caustic based TFR’s by far are the most effective.

Jennychem’s TFR is supplied in various concentrations ie: Economy Strength, regular strength and super concentrated. By buying the more concentrated TFRs you have the maximum cleaning power if you need it but you are also buying the product the most economical way as you can dilute it prior to use.

People use TFR in different ways, some hauliers buy the regular strength and put it straight into the pressure washer at a dilution rate of maybe 1-2% on the dial. Others buy super concentrated and pre-dilute it may be up to 1:4 with water and use it with the dial on the pressure washer at about 4-5%. Others who like to use TFR with the pressure washer dial set to maximum may prefer to but the economy TFR.

For optimum value and great results Jennychem recommends to purchase their best- selling TFR Ultra, pre-dilute it 1:4 with water and use it through the pressure washer with the dial set at 2-4% (This means that 2*-4% of T.F.R Ultra  is mixed with water at the nozzle and sprayed over the vehicle ).

The secret to a great streak – free finish is to rinse well with clean water and to use a TFR with an anti -watering wax rinsing agent.

With some TFR’s on the market dulling and streaking can occur due to inadequate rinsing Jennychem add an anti – watering wax rinse to all their TFR’s which help you to get all the alkaline chemical off the vehicle leaving a gleaming, streak free  spotless finish.

AS it is a rinse aid rather than a carnauba wax, it leaves paintwork, glass, mirrors and chrome shiny and clean. Take care not to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight to avoid the TFR drying on the vehicle before it can be washed off. If this is likely to occur, Jennychem recommends wash only one half, rinse off then wash and rinse the other half.

You can also use TFR with a vehicle brush & bucket. Just put a few cap-fulls in the bottom of a bucket and fill the bucket with water. Remember to wear gloves due to TFR being alkaline.







25 LITRES £34.50



We hope that this information has been of help. If you have any further questions relating to the cleaning of your vehicle or cleaning products please contact the team at Jennychem on 01634 245666 or email jenny@jennychem.com

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