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Top Cleaning Products for Kitchen and Catering in the UK

Top Cleaning Products for Kitchen and Catering in the UK

The kitchen should be the neatest area in your home. After all, all of your food comes from there. 

For service providers in the catering niche, the stakes are even higher. Cleanliness in the catering industry isn’t just a matter of personal preference. Government regulations demand sanitation in two stages — cleaning and disinfection. 

This blog covers the best cleaning products for your kitchen and catering business in the UK. Here’s how to meet those high cleanliness standards. 

Must-Have Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen and Catering

Here are the products to have in your kitchen’s cleaning cupboard. 

Anti-bacterial Cleaner and Sanitiser

Antibacterial cleaning products comprise special chemicals designed to inhibit bacterial growth and multiplication. 

The kitchen is often warmer than the rest of the house. It also houses discarded food materials that can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Plus, bacteria growth happens rapidly because they start to reproduce quickly. 

Anti-bacterial cleaner and sanitiser will prevent bacterial multiplication and reproduction in your cooking area. The best antibacterial products kill 99.9% of bacteria after application. 

We recommend choosing multi-purpose antibacterial cleaners certified for use in the food and catering industry. These products have a special formulation that cleans and sanitises in one go. They work on 99.9% of bacteria like Listeria, Salmonella, E-coli and MRSA.

They’re ideal for use on the following kitchen spaces:

  • Worktops 
  • Kitchen table 
  • Refrigerators 
  • Kitchen equipment 
  • Vending machines 
  • Shelves 
  • Floor 
  • Outside surface of kitchen appliances 
  • Kitchen walls

Look out for the following before buying antibacterial cleaners:

  • Fragrance. If you want your cooking space to smell nice afterwards.
  • Contact time. Shorter contact time of 30 seconds is best.
  • Non-rinse. Doesn’t need an extensive rinsing step after cleaning.
  • Active action against bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. 

Warm Oven Cleaner Spray

Over time, bits and pieces of your favourite oven-baked meal will soil the insides of your oven. 

These contaminants can become a smelly breeding ground for microbes and unpleasant to see. That’s why a warm oven cleaner spray is on our list of top cleaning products for the kitchen and catering in the UK. 

Oven cleaners contain chemical solutions with a high pH value. This makes them alkaline and allows the oven cleaner to dissolve stubborn, hardened dirt in your oven or grill. The heavy-duty formulation of oven cleaner spray will tackle even the most burnt oil, fat and grease deposits in your oven. 

The cleaning action of warm oven cleaner spray prevents fire hazards due to residue. Plus, its powerful cleaning action will leave your oven hygienic and clean enough for the next use. 

Here’s how to make the best use of oven cleaner spray:

  • Wear protective gloves and clothing for your arms while using the product. 
  • Avoid any type of contact with the eyes or skin. 
  • Oven warm cleaner spray can cause burns. Wash the affected area with water for 20 minutes if it splashes on you.
  • Switch off the power supply to your oven. This may be electricity or pilot light. 
  • Remove oven racks before applying the cleaner spray. 
  • You may also use protective clothing on the areas around the oven and underneath it.
  • Shake the oven cleaner spray well before using it. 
  • Spray the solution on your oven's internal components, including the glass door. Avoid spraying the pilot light, heating element or oven trim. 
  • Close the oven and allow the cleaner spray to work for 30-120 minutes. It degrades burnt-on grease and food particles, thickening debris for easy wiping.
  • Wipe the targeted areas with a clean washcloth. 

Concentrated Washing Up Liquid

This is a must-have cleaning product for your kitchen or catering outfit because it’s super versatile. From saucepans to plates, crockery and cutlery, a concentrated washing-up liquid is the go-to cleaning agent. 

Because it’s highly concentrated, you only need a small amount of washing up liquid to do a lot of kitchen cleaning. This cost-effective approach to cleaning and washing is great for a catering business. 

Concentrated washing-up liquid comprises strong chemicals that instantly break down grease, oil and other kitchen stains. It’s ideal for cleaning glassware, pans, and pots. It also works for other kitchen surfaces like mirrors, windows, chairs, sinks and tables. 

Other benefits includes

  • Reduced environmental impact. They often require minimal packaging and can come in small containers. 
  • Reduced shipping costs due to less packaging.
  • Reduced carbon footprint for your catering business.

Hand Soap Moisturiser With Fragrance

It’s important to wash your hands before working in the kitchen. This includes handling food items, cleaning cutlery, doing meal prep and even before you start to clean the area. 

Therefore, a hand soap moisturiser with fragrance is a must-have cleaning product for the kitchen and catering. The moisturising effect of this product will prevent dry, cracked hands, especially during the winter season 

With the realities of the recent pandemic, hand washing is even more important than ever before. That’s why we recommend buying pearlised hand soap moisturiser in bulk or in 500ml containers. This way, you can refill small soap dispensers around your kitchen. 

  • Pearlized hand soap with a moisturising agent is best. 
  • Buy hand soap moisturiser that lathers easily. This makes it simpler to wash your hands. 
  • Hand soap with a fragrance is always a good idea. 
  • Buy hand soap that’s gentle on the skin. This prevents adverse effects from frequent hand washing. 

Keep Your Kitchen and Catering Workspace Clean with Jenny Chem

Jenny Chem provides top-quality kitchen cleaning products that’ll leave your cooking area devoid of contaminants, dirts and debris. 

We also offer free delivery for orders over £75 in England. Start shopping with us today!

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