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Must-Have Winter Products for Your Home

Must-Have Winter Products for Your Home

Best UK Winter Products for Your Home

The winter season in the UK can be particularly tough on your home hygiene. Muddy boots, family tracking grime and water in, ice and frost combine to dirty your homes. 

This means you need the best winter care products to “fight back”. It’s easier to keep your home clean during the cold months with the right products and tools. 

This blog will highlight the best UK winter products for your home and why you need them. Let’s get into it!

Winter Products for Your Home: Our Top Recommendations

Here are the best winter care products for UK homeowners and renters:

Traditional Mop Bucket With Strainer

The unwritten rule of winter cleaning asks you to sweep high-traffic areas every three days. And you should mop the floors weekly.

A mop bucket with a solid strainer is a no-brainer for the winter season. These buckets usually have a metal stringer to squeeze water and ensure you’re using a damp mop — not a soaking dripping one. This way, it’s easier to clean your floors. 

The best mop buckets have battle-tested strainers. This feature makes it simpler to squeeze out every drop of water in your mop. We’d even recommend you buy two traditional mop buckets this winter season. 

Weather predictions forecast unsettled, windy, wet spells this winter season. This forecast means your home will likely get dirtier than normal. You’ll need one bucket for wash water and another to rinse the flooring. 

Here’s the best way to use a mop bucket with a strainer:

  • Dip the mop in a mixture of cleaning solution and water. Wring and squeeze the mop gently in the wringer. 
  • Mop the floor in one direction until you cover the entire area. We recommend straight lines and working backwards, so you don’t stand on already-mopped areas.
  • Rub vigorously over tough, sticky spots.
  • Dip the mop in the second bucket full of clean water. This is the rinsing step. 
  • Cover the entire area with your mop.

Patio & Driveway Cleaner

Concrete patios and driveways are mostly low-maintenance areas of the home. You can easily keep your driveway clean during the summer season by sweeping it regularly. 

But concrete is also highly porous. This means it absorbs liquids quickly, and that can create tough stains. Concrete’s unique texture has crevices where dirt, grime, and other contaminants can accumulate. This happens a lot more during the winter season. 

It’s the reason you need specially formulated patio and driveway cleaners this winter season. A driveway cleaner contains a high-strength, acid and chlorine-free, biodegradable formulation that effectively removes stubborn grease, ice flakes, dirt and grime in your driveway. 

An effective driveway cleaner is also a must-have winter care product for your home for health reasons. Its formula also includes bactericides that target algae and moss. Your driveway will look as clean as it was the first time you laid it!

And finally, a small 5-litre driveway cleaner bottle can cover up to 45 square metres. You’ll get plenty of value for your money all winter long!

Heavy Duty Platform Broom 

The right broom saves you time, energy and back pain while cleaning your home. That’s why we’re recommending you buy this heavy-duty platform broom this winter season. 

It’s ideal for use outdoors and includes a bracket and a strong wooden handle. This platform broom will take care of removing debris — in wet and dry conditions. This way, you can sweep the different rooms in your house all winter long. 

  • The best platform brooms are suited for more than just in-house use. 
  • Feel free to use this home winter product to clean your garage, patios, driveways and walkways. 
  • Its long handle is also handy for removing cobwebs in the difficult-to-reach parts of your home. 

With flexible, durable connectors, top-quality platform brooms won’t break in the middle of your cleaning. Enjoy a clean home all winter season! 

Liquid Caustic Soda Solution

Caustic soda solution contains Sodium Hydroxide. This compound is a strong base and effectively breaks down grease, proteins and organic matter. This quality makes it a heavy-duty cleaning agent for the worst of winter. 

Winter care products for your UK home should be tough enough to remove stubborn stains, mud, grime and dirt. Liquid caustic soda solution ticks this box.

  • Quick stain removal. Caustic soda solution can remove grease, oils, mud, and tough stains with minimal scrubbing. 
  • Removes mildew. Since it’s safe for your rugs, carpets and house furniture, caustic soda is the best way to remove mildew and odour in your home. 
  • No adverse reactions. Unlike chlorine or bleach, liquid caustic soda solution doesn’t cause any allergies or side effects. It’s safe for you, your kids and your pets. 

Kranzle Home Pressure Washer,

The final piece of the winter care product puzzle for your home, is a top-of-the-line Kranzle Home Pressure Washer

A pressure washer works when scrubbing, scouring, and a mix of your potent cleaning solutions doesn’t work. A pressure washer blasts household surfaces clean with water at about 90-180 times more atmospheric pressure. 

The highly pressurised water jets work for patios, lawn furniture, grills, and household grime. You can even blast mud and snow grime off your car tyres with a pressure washer. It’ll help you keep the following household elements clean.

  • Siding 
  • Exterior bricks 
  • Gutters 
  • Patio furniture 
  • Windows 
  • Fences
  • Car

Water from a Kranzle Pressure washer hits dirty surfaces with so much kinetic energy that it can knock dust and dirt away. But it’s just water, so it won’t damage the surface. 

Stay Clean this Winter Season with Jenny Chem

Jenny Chem delivers the best winter cleaning products to residents like you across the UK. Our home cleaning products are made with high-quality components and delivered with care. Plus, we offer free delivery in England for orders over £75.

Look through our online catalogue or call 01634 245666 to make an order by phone. 

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