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how to clean your car interior

How to Clean Your Car Interior

People spend so much time in their cars, so it’s hardly surprising when they suffer from spillage, smells, and smears. Spillage and smears create a favourable environment for bacteria growth, meaning the car will start smelling within a short period if there isn’t a proper cleaning.

Interior car cleaning will not only prevent the development of odour but also increase the car’s resale value. Furthermore, a clean car boosts one’s self-esteem when sharing the space with others.

Car owners can use the following simple tips to prevent germ build-up and restore their car’s interior to its showroom glory.

5 tips to clean your car interior:

Clear out the clutter

The first step of interior valeting is getting rid of clutter in your car.  You need to remove all extraneous materials like valuables, bags, tools, and anything else that can impede the cleaning process. This will also present a wonderful opportunity to organise the belongings they had left in their vehicles.

Decluttering the vehicle also means removing any recyclables like paper, takeaway containers, and water bottles that should be placed in a recycling bin. All remaining rubbish should be immediately disposed of.

Clean the central console and dashboard

Cleaning the central console and dashboard is not rocket science. You should moisten a rag with Jennychem dashboard cleaner or glass cleaner, then work from the cleanest area to the dirtiest, leaving the filth for last.

Clean the steering wheel, central console, and dashboard. Also, you should clean the inside pockets and compartments, and wipe down the gearstick.

Another great alternative to using the rag is by using car cleaning wipes. If you opt for cloth, you should ensure it's clean, or else they will just be spreading the mess you’ve just cleaned up. 

For hard-to-reach places like the detailing on the steering wheel or buttons on the console, a cotton bud will come in handy. A clean rag or car cleaning wipe will also remove any grime in the car’s cup holders.

For the buttons on the dashboard, you can use a clean rag to clean them and then dry them off, using a clean cloth. To remove all the detritus that has accumulated around the buttons, you can wrap the cloth on a flathead screwdriver then use it to remove the dust.

Also, you can use an old toothbrush to remove dirt on the tough spots of the car’s interior, like the leather grain on the console and interior doors. Using the brush in a circular motion is the best way to remove the dust.

Cleaning windows, windshield, and mirrors

The inside of the windscreen and other windows can get so dirty from interior vapours and air pollution that leave residue and might hinder visibility.

Jennychem glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth or rag can work wonders when cleaning glass surfaces. However, you should ensure you don’t use a glass cleaner for plastic windows or tinted windows because they can damage them.

To clean the windows and mirrors, spray the cleaner on the piece of cloth, not on the glass itself. This prevents the cleaning product from damaging other parts of the car that may be sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Also,  roll the windows partway down to clean the line of grime along the top of the window. If there are streaks on the windows, wipe the interior glass surfaces vertically and the exterior glass surface horizontally. This way you will know exactly which side the streak is on.

Cleaning seats and upholstery

Leather seats need to be conditioned and kept clean all the time, if not they will dry out and start cracking. Grime might also become embedded into the surface, changing their colour. Thankfully, good leather cleaning products can address this problem in minutes.

For a car with vinyl seats, cleaning is quick and easy. You just need to find a cleaning product that’s compatible with vinyl and use it. With the right cleaner you can spray it to the seat and use a clean rag to wipe the dirt off. You should use a second cloth to dry the vinyl seats after cleansing.

Most cars with upholstered fabric seats often come with a manual of approved cleaners to use with the upholstery. First, car owners need to vacuum the seats. Then use an approved cleaning product like spring fresh or a foam product on the seats.   If the seats have any stains, a stain remover and a clean rag can remove the stains.

Cleaning floor mats and carpets

Floor mats and carpets are usually very dirty.  Before cleaning the carpet, the owners need to get rid of any debris that may have accumulated. They can slide the seats backwards and forward to ensure they don’t miss anything.

After removing the mats, they should shake them vigorously to get rid of dirt.  Some mats come with deep indentations that can trap mud or water from shoe tread. Dirt and leaves can also accumulate between the grooves.

A stiff brush will come in handy in loosening the grime. You can also use a vacuum cleaner’s bare nozzle to clean the grooves. When the mats are grime-free, you can use a high-pressure stream of water from a garden hose to rinse, then put them outside to dry completely.

When it comes to cleaning the carpet, use several nozzles varying in size and shape and brush attachments to remove dirt in splits and areas around the seats. Jennychem has several carpet cleaning products that are suited to the task. When everything is sparkling clean, the you can put everything back into the car and return seats to their normal position.

Following a good scrub, you need to air out the car after you’ve a used a lot of cleaning products. The smell of these products can sometimes overwhelm. 

If it’s a sunny day, they can open all the windows and doors to let in the fresh air. By installing an air freshener in their car, alternatively a car fogger is a long lasting device for completely changing the interior smell of your car and perfect for sanitising the surfaces so you ensure its virus free. 

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