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How to Clean Patio Slabs With Pressure Washer

How to Clean Patio Slabs With Pressure Washer

Your patio is a place to kick back and relax or host family and friends, and you want to keep it looking its best. 

Dirt, debris, mould, algae, weeds - all these things can detract from the experience you have on your patio, not just from an appearance standpoint but a safety perspective as well. These can also degrade the longevity of your patio slabs.

While the thought of keeping your patio clean year-round can be overwhelming, we’ll show you the best way to clean patio slabs with pressure washer here in this guide. 

Our approach will save you time while achieving superior results. It’s as simple as choosing a quality cleaning agent and pairing it with a powerful pressure washer, finding the right timing, and letting your equipment do all the heavy lifting.

Not only are we going to show you how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer, though. We’ll also introduce you to our patio cleaner and industrial pressure washer selection here at Jennychem, the UK’s trusted choice for all things chemicals and cleaning. Unlock the most efficient patio cleaning process with our help today!

Why Clean Patio Slabs Regularly?

It seems as if you’re constantly adding more chores to your to-do list, and patio cleaning is yet another burden. But why is this so important in the first place?

Maintaining Appearance

Patio slabs accumulate dirt, stains, algae, and moss, all of which can detract from your outdoor space's overall look. 

Regular cleaning keeps this setting looking beautiful and inviting so you can be proud to share it with others. This is your outdoor sanctuary, and you’ll have a hard time truly unwinding if you’re surrounded by grime. 

This is especially important for businesses who offer patio seating, such as cafe’s, pubs, and restaurants. A clean patio can be a selling point for your business.

Enhancing Safety

Moss and algae build-up on patio slabs create slippery surfaces that pose a risk of slips and falls. Routine pressure washing removes these hazards to maintain a safer environment for everyone who uses the patio, especially during wet conditions.

Patio Slab Longevity 

Your patio was probably quite the investment - it’s worth giving it a bit of care to avoid having to replace slabs prematurely. Dirt, grime, and biological growth can eat away at certain slab materials, such as sandstone and limestone.

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Patio Slabs?

Patio cleaning is clearly a non-negotiable task for homeowners and businesses alike - but you’ve got plenty of other things on your plate as well. So, what is the easiest way to clean patio slabs?

Common Methods for Cleaning Slabs

You have quite a few different methods at your disposal - from simple scrubbing to more advanced techniques. Here are the most common:

  • Manual Scrubbing: A hard-bristled brush with a bucket of soapy water is a simple, low-cost method that can be effective for small areas or light dirt. However, it is labor-intensive and less effective for removing stubborn stains or biological growth.
  • Chemical Cleaners: Specialised cleaning solutions are designed to break down tough grime, algae, and stains. These cleaners are very effective but must be handled carefully to avoid damage to the patio material and surrounding vegetation.
  • Steam Cleaning: This gentle method uses high-temperature steam to lift dirt and kill moss or algae. It’s great for delicate surfaces because it avoids the use of harsh chemicals. But, steam cleaners can be expensive and less effective on heavily soiled or larger areas.

Why Pressure Washing With a Chemical Agent is the Best Way

The best way to clean patio slabs is with a pressure washer paired with cleaning chemicals. Also known as a power washer, these machines blast away muck and grime with a high-pressured water source. 

They don’t just work well, though. They work incredibly fast, empowering you to cover larger areas in less time - especially compared to manual scrubbing.

On their own, pressure washers are among the most effective cleaning solutions not just for patio slabs but any soiled surface. But when paired with a quality detergent, they work even better. You can choose a cleaning agent tailored for the specific type of mess or stains you’re struggling with.

Pressure washers are very versatile as they can be paired with different nozzles and attachments for different types of patio materials, from concrete to delicate natural stone, without causing damage.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer below!

How to Clean Patio Slabs With Pressure Washer: Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning patio slabs with a pressure washer can transform a grubby outdoor space into a spotless area ideal for relaxing and entertaining. 

With our tips on the best way to clean patio slabs with pressure washer below, you can make quick work of even the toughest messes on the most expansive spaces. From choosing the best equipment and cleaning agents to actually getting the job done, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

The ideal pressure washer for a small backyard patio will differ greatly from the optimal solution for a massive outdoor restaurant patio. There are a few different things you need to consider here, from power requirements to water temperature and flow rates:

  • Evaluate Power and Pressure: A pressure washer’s performance is determined by its PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). For residential patios, a medium-duty pressure washer with 2000 to 3000 PSI is usually sufficient - this speaks to how powerful the jet of water is. On the other hand, a GPM between 3-4 is usually ample, indicating efficient flow rate so you can cover more space quicker.
  • Type of Washer: Electric pressure washers are adequate for most home patios, offering ease of use and quieter operation compared to gas models. Gas models tend to be more powerful and are preferable for very large or heavily soiled areas. They also allow more versatility as far as where you can clean as you aren’t restricted to outlets. 
  • Water Temperature: There are also different types of pressure washer water temperatures. Cold water units are typically more affordable and work just fine for light messes. However, tougher stains should be tacked with a heated pressure washer for better results.
  • Nozzle Selection: You can choose various nozzles for different cleaning needs. A 15-degree nozzle is great for general cleaning, while a wider 25-degree nozzle is better for delicate surfaces to prevent damage.

On top of all these specifications you should consider the brand you’re buying. There are many different options here in the UK, but we prefer the Kranzle pressure washer for a few reasons. These machines offer an exceptional level of reliability paired with high performance at an affordable price.

Here at Jennychem, we carry a few different models for residential and commercial clients alike. Browse our catalogue and see what catches your eye or get in touch with our customer service team for a personalised recommendation. 

Pairing it With a Quality Patio Cleaner

Your cleaning equipment is just half of the arsenal when it comes to how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer. So, what is the best patio cleaner? It all depends on two factors:

  1. The type of messes you’re dealing with.
  2. The material of your patio slabs.

You need to find a balance between being effective yet gentle enough not to damage your patio. Biodegradable cleaners are recommended to protect your plants and the environment. 

Looking for a personalised recommendation? We have some great options here at Jennychem, like our Patio and Driveway Cleaner. It works deep into the pores of your slabs to lift impurities and dirt to the surface so they can be blasted away with water. You could also stick with something as simple as sodium hypochlorite.

Preparation Steps

Now that you’ve got all the equipment and supplies you need, it’s time to get to work! Start by clearing the area of furniture, toys, potted plants, and anything else that could get in the way. You should follow up with a dry sweep for removal of loose dirt, leaves, and debris.

This is a good time to pre-treat and of the tougher stains on your patio slabs with a suitable cleaning solution as well. Otherwise, you can get right into mixing and applying your detergent.

Mixing and Applying Detergent

We have a more detailed guide on how to use patio cleaner in our blog - but it’s fairly simple and straightforward. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dilute the patio cleaner in water. Most pressure washers have a detergent tank or a siphon hose for this purpose.

Apply the detergent solution to the patio, starting from the higher areas and moving to lower ones to prevent dirty water from flowing onto cleaned areas.

Proper Pressure Washing Techniques

As you work your way across the patio maintain a steady distance of about 12 inches between the nozzle and the patio surface. Adjust based on your washer’s power and the patio material’s durability.

Use even, overlapping strokes to avoid streaking. Work in manageable sections to ensure thorough cleaning. For best results we advise you to hold the spray wand at a slight angle. This will lift and remove the dirt effectively, rather than pushing it deeper into the surface.

Rinsing and Checking Results

Thoroughly rinse the patio with clean water, ideally with a lower pressure setting to avoid damaging freshly cleaned surfaces. Inspect the area for any missed spots or remaining stains. Re-treat and re-wash as needed.

Allow the patio to dry completely and inspect the results. To prevent new mould and algae from forming we recommend cleaning on a warm day so the sun can dry the surface faster. If necessary, apply a sealer to protect the patio from future stains and weathering.

And that’s it! You know how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer now.

Invest in Patio Cleaning Productivity and Results at Jennychem!

The best way to clean patio slabs with a pressure washer is to source your equipment and cleaner at Jennychem, the UK’s trusted choice for all things chemical cleaning. 

We have more than 35 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients alike. Over that time we’ve earned a reputation for consistently delivering top tier solutions at affordable prices with world-class customer service every step of the way.

Whether you're tackling stubborn stains or regular maintenance, our solutions provide the professional-grade results you desire. Our patio cleaners are specifically formulated to be safe on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, stone, and brick, ensuring they clean without causing damage.

We don’t just have the best commercial pressure washer in the UK and chemical cleaning agents - you can trust us for everything from weed killer to car cleaning products, the best snow foam, the best car polish, the best car screen wash, and a whole lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Trust Jennychem for your patio cleaning needs and experience a cleaner outdoor area with less effort and more satisfaction. Shop now or get in touch today as we wrap up this guide on how to clean patio slabs with pressure washer.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Clean Patio Slabs With Pressure Washer

Cleaning your patio slabs with a pressure washer is the best way to preserve their appearance, safety, and longevity. We hope this guide has left you with a clear understanding of your next steps. Pick the right equipment and cleaning supplies and let them do the heavy lifting so you can start enjoying a more beautiful space ASAP!

If you’re ready to elevate your patio cleaning process, head over to our catalogue and browse our pressure washing equipment and patio cleaner selections. We have solutions tailored for any type of mess or material. Make patio cleaning easier today!

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